Even though we had already gotten used to a change in the protagonists of each season of The Bridgertons, with the end of the third installment of the series we have been left without one of its main characters. We had never seen her face, but she has always been there, narrating or giving us the keys to the plots of each episode. We are referring to Lady Whistledown, the pseudonym with which the character signs Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) the chronicles of what happens in London high society and that brings to their heads those insulted by her pen in order to unmask her. For those who have not seen the last episodes of the series born from the factory of Shonda Rhimes for Netflix, I warn you that spoilers are coming. In the final chapter, Penelope finds her own voice and gives up her secret identity, after she has put her marriage at risk and placed herself in a dangerous situation in front of him. queen charlotte.

Behind Lady Whistledown's voice has been Julie Andrewsthe veteran actress starring in film classics such as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins or Victor or Victoria, among other. The majesty of her voice in the series makes us forget that she sang in those movies. With the end of the third season, his character has been left in limbo in which everything is possible. The writer of the series has already revealed that he is not willing to lose the actress in any way, so he is already thinking about how we can continue enjoying her intonation in the next installments of the series. Will there be any pretext for Penelope to once again assume the role of her literary alter ego? Or perhaps it will be another of the characters who takes on the challenge of giving a voice to those who do not have one? The figure of the narrator has always been very pampered in the Shondaland factory and although Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) left Grey's Anatomy, another character took over to set the voice-over.

«Dearest reader… (Dearest reader)», their chronicles began by saying. The secret behind Lady Whistledown has been playing out throughout the series. A resource that superhero series have always used. In the first season, the identity of who was hiding behind the sharpest pen of high society chronicles It was a mystery and it was not until the last episode when we viewers had the surprising revelation. The second season closed when Penelope's best friend, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie), discovered her and their friendship was broken. And it was in this latest installment when Penelope decided to bury her literary pseudonym. Almost like that mythical cover of number 50 of amazing spidermanin which Peter Parker he threw his spider uniform into the trash can and that paid homage to the second installment of the trilogy of Sam Raimi. The secret life of both ends up taking a toll on their personal relationships and it is not easy to combine them without someone getting hurt along the way. This hidden identity causes until there are those who try to take advantage and supplant it, with the classic duel between imposter and hero to claim the title.

He anonymity had been Lady Whistledown's true source of power. Since her identity was unknown, Penelope had complete freedom to tell the main gossip of high society, without fear that anyone would come to ask her to account for her indiscretions and reveal uncomfortable truths about her. Curiously, Peter Parker was also dedicated to the press, as well as Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego. As he used to do with the fourth estate, Even the queen herself fears what the columnist may publish. So discovering who he is becomes a state question. Lady Whistledown was the mask that Penelope put on when she believed that she alone would not be able to attract the same attention as her if she signed her name. Not to mention the consequences that her identity becoming public could have for her family and loved ones. More and more people know the secret and, therefore, threats lurk everywhere. The best solution is to tear up the deck and say who it is (by the way, Spiderman also did it in the Civil War saga). Over time, plots dedicated to secret identity have become more irrelevant. And if not, tell them Tony Stark (Iron Man), to Steve Rogers (Captain America) or Matt Murdock (Daredevil).

Because this is the season in which Penelope has emerged as the protagonist of the central romance of the plot. We have already seen that in that imaginary England that seems set in a novel by Jane Austin, people of color held positions in high society and lived in mansions. It was missing that one overweight person could live love stories as passionate as the rest of the cast. And you have to see what good chemistry she has with Colin (luke newton). Penelope no longer needs Lady Whistledown and has buried her mask. Will someone dig her up in season four?