The plane Boeing 737 Max 9 of Alaska Airlines who had problems mid-flight it lacked four screwsaccording to a preliminary report released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

According to this report, the aircraft was missing four screws right in the panel that detached on January 5 while flying with 117 people on board at an altitude of approximately 4,876 meters, which meant that it had to land shortly after taking off in portland (Oregon).

The panel, where they are normally located emergency exits, I didn’t have four screws installed because apparently had not been replaced at Boeing’s Renton factoryWashington state, concluded the National Transportation Safety Board, a federal agency charged with investigating transportation accidents.

The report It does not detail who removed the screws and what part of the company was responsible to replace them.

As evidence of the situation in which the panel was, the National Transportation Safety Board provided a photograph of it in which the absence of three of the four screws can be seen. The area where the room should be appears covered.

Due to the incident with the Alaska Airlines plane, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the immobilization of all Boeing 737s.

The FAA had already committed five years ago to increasing supervision over that aircraft manufacturer, after two fatal accidents in which Boeing Max planes were also involved.

In this context, The American aircraft manufacturer accumulates five years of lossesfirst due to the 737 Max crisis and then due to the economic crisis derived from the pandemic, to which was recently added the scare of the 737 Max 9.