In the midst of the return of 'Big Brother', when we know their first casting dataone of its former contestants has once again been a protagonist on television for his participation in 'Naked Attraction', the dating show Max that shows Marta Flich.

Is about Rickywho participated in the sixteenth edition of the reality show and was also a partner of Sofia Suescun. In his participation, Ricardo Nicolás Natalicchio had to choose between six participants without clothes.

As the young man discarded girls, parts of their bodies were revealed, until their faces were revealed. When there were only two contestants left, the contestant left the set and returned naked.

The Canarian-Argentine entered the gala 7 from 'Big Brother' as reserve contestant. His mission was to deceive his companions by telling them that there was another house with four contestants in which he was also. It was in 'GH' where he began his relationship with Suescun, who would become the winner of the edition.