The Christmas is already around the corner, and the holidays of these dates are, traditionally, a time of reunion with family, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying small joys together. It is also a time of year when, no matter how Christmassy the snow falls outside, the cold can end up getting into your bones. That’s why there are few plans that you might want more on these holidays than snuggle up under a warm blanket enjoying a good Christmas movie or series.

Streaming platforms, designed to consume content on demand, are ideal when it comes to finding a very Christmassy product that maintains the spirit of the holidays, but… they have so much on offer that, sometimes, it is difficult to find something that satisfies the tastes of everyone who gathers in front of the television.

We save you the endless time of searching, watching trailers and navigating through menus. These are ours twelve recommendations for the twelfth month of the year.


From the big N platform we have selected two movies and a series that you cannot miss. First of all, ‘The typical Christmas‘ is a Norwegian production with an original approach to history. Jashan and Thea have just gotten engaged, so when she, to celebrate the engagement, invites him to spend the Christmas holidays with her family in Norway, the young man’s Indian origin will cause the culture shock to lead to the most unexpected situations.

And, thinking about the little ones in the house, the platform launches ‘The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Christmas‘, a brief continuation of the popular Dreamworks film in which some serious bad guys (a wolf, a shark, a piranha, a snake and a spider) had to go over to the side of the good guys after a failed robbery. Now they have to save their favorite time of year, Christmas. And because? Because it is the time when most houses can be looted!

Finally, a series: ‘Christmas at home‘, which takes us back to Norway. Johanne is tired of everyone having something to say about her life and her romantic future. Finally, the 30-year-old nurse snaps and lies to her family that she is taking her boyfriend to Christmas dinner. With the need to turn that farce into reality, the young woman now has 24 days to find the love she has not discovered before.


There is also a lot of Christmas content to discover on HBO. You should take a look at these two movies and this series. To start, we recommend ‘Holiday Harmony‘. Gail is a singer-songwriter who is faced with the opportunity of a lifetime: she is going to perform on iHeartRadio’s Christmas Eve broadcast, for which she has traveled to Harmony Springs, Oklahoma. However, things are never that easy, and she will end up stuck in a town that, little by little, will make a place in her heart… and that she will have to leave if she wants to pursue her dreams. . The protagonist, Annelise Cepero, got, thanks to her work in this work, a role in the ‘West Side Story’ directed by Spielberg in 2021.

An image from 'Holiday Harmony'.

A good option to promote in this Christmas 2023 the connection between parents and children is ‘Christmas in 8 bits‘. Neil Patrick Harris plays Jake, a man who, when he returns to his parents’ house to spend the Christmas holidays with them and his teenage daughter, will find in his old video game console a perfect excuse to not only get close to his daughter, but Also, to tell you what Christmas was like a few decades ago.

On the other hand, if you prefer the evening to take on a less cheerful tone and delve into thriller territory, we recommend the miniseries ‘Christmas story‘. This approach to Dickens’s mythical work chooses a more terrifying setting to tell the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. The unfriendly, selfish and stingy old man will be visited by several ghosts who will try to mend Scrooge’s ways to avoid his fateful fate.


Mickey Mouse’s House has all the Christmas material you can imagine. We bring you three examples: two movies and a series. As soon as we pick up the remote control we find an older and much less dark version of the work we just talked about: it is ‘The Muppets in Christmas Stories‘. The whole family can join the beloved Gustavo, Peggy, Epi, Blas and company in this story that has Michael Caine as the honorary protagonist in the role of Mr. Scrooge.

In a more adult key we find ‘Noelle‘, a beautiful film in which Anna Kendrick (‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘Up in the Air’, ‘Twilight’) plays Santa Claus’ daughter. Her father is about to retire and hand over the family business to his son Nick. However, when he ends up running away to avoid the responsibility of taking on that role, her sister Noelle will have to step forward and be the one to follow in her father’s footsteps.

A still from 'Noelle'.

Finally, we return to the children’s world to find a series of 22 episodes in which the little ones in the house will discover the adventures of the cars and trucks that coexist in the incredible Car City. The Christmas experiences of its motorized protagonists make up the series ‘Christmas in Car City‘. An ideal title for that army of kids that sometimes sneaks into our house on family visits to be entertained and fun.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon also has a very extensive Christmas repertoire. We have chosen two movies and a series to recommend that you check them out this holiday season. The first is a true classic: ‘Love Actually‘, as traditionally typical of the Christmas season as the tree, the gifts and the cold. This collection of love stories will take you on an emotional springboard as you walk through the experiences of its protagonists: happiness, tenderness, innocence and affection, yes, but also heartbreak, disappointment and sadness. Not to miss it.

Although we have already talked about ‘A Christmas Carol’… do you know the story that led to the creation of this literary work? That’s what it tells you’The man who invented Christmas‘, a story of the circumstances that surrounded the moment in which Charles Dickens, financially fragile after his last works had not been successful, tried to return to the path of success with a Christmas story that ended up being considered a masterpiece of universal literature .

A still from 'The Man Who Invented Christmas'.

Finally, we finish the job with ‘Christmas on Candy Cane Lane‘, the return to the screens of Eddie Murphy. In this series, the protagonist’s sole objective is to win the Christmas decoration contest held in his neighborhood. However, in his attempt to acquire new ornaments for his house, he ends up in a mess of epic proportions when the Christmas elf who sells him the decorations turns out to have darker plans than anticipated.