The confrontation between Arrocet mustache and the daughters of Maria Teresa Campos. The latest episode of this exchange of statements occurred last night in ‘Friday’where Terelu Camposwho has already returned, Mediaset did not hesitate to attack the comedian.

Even though the collaborator did not attend as a guest, the program Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta He wanted to take advantage of his presence to exploit this confrontation.

And Campos’ daughter did not disappoint. She began defending her daughter Alejandra Rubio: “He has earned his professional cachet, although he has a lot to learn.. It hasn’t been easy for them. It’s not just the pregnancy, they’ve been under daily scrutiny ever since the cover came out.”

However, Terelu has changed her tone when asked about Edmundo Arrocet: “I haven’t seen him talk about work,” She reproached him for always talking about his family, something that other members of the clan have already complained about. Finally, she questioned the comedian’s abilities: “It must be that sometimes he hears voices.”