Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos They had a tough interview last night in 'Friday'. The sisters responded to all the controversies that arose as a result of the exclusive about Borrego's son.

Carmen began by explaining to her sister that, despite the criticism her son has received, she wants respect for her son to continue to be maintained, a son whom she claims she does not fully understand:

As far as possible I am calm, I am absolutely convinced that my son was wrong but he did not kill anyone.. Yes, it is true that he broke my heart, I did not expect it, I left with the peace of mind that everything was fine with him and in his marriage (…) I have not been able to cry, I have thought a lot these days , it has been a shock. “My husband gives me a lot and I owe a lot to him, I will not have the life to thank what my husband has given to my mother and also to my children.”

Terelu Campos has been harsher with her nephew Jose Mariawho does not understand that Carmen's son has spoken in that way about his mother in a magazine, which is why he does not bite his tongue when saying that both he and Paola Olmedo “They deserve an Oscar.”

The presenter is not in a good moment because of how she sees her sister after this conflict and remembers her deceased mother, Maria Teresa Campos.

“Maybe he doesn't understand what I'm saying, but seeing all this that's happening Thank goodness mom is dead. Mom would not have understood that the man she considered the man of her life would do thisalthough you are right that none of this would have happened if she had been alive and healthy.

Borrego concludes the interview with the desire to meet her son, who, like her, works in 'This is life'.

“When I see him in the images I feel pain and I feel love, no matter how contradictory it may be, I don't like hearing people destroy my son, I'm not going to participate in that, I know that at that moment he is not well and I think he has not appreciated what he has gotten himself into, I think he has even told some colleagues, that when he saw what had been published he felt very bad. He must be shocked and worried that this time I didn't pick up a phone or write a WhatsApp. (…) Although it may seem like a lie to many people, I have wanted this week to meet him in the program in which we both work, the day we see each other face to face will be the day in which he becomes aware of what has happened “.