Terelu Campos She returned to 'D Corazón' this past Sunday after being discharged from the hospital after being admitted for pneumonia. The communicator was received again by Jordi González, with whom she even joked on TVE's La 1 program: “I hope my doctor doesn't scold me too much for being here.”

“Respiratory and lung things are not just anything. I don't contribute much either to some very bad and very disgusting vice that I have,” The communicator explained in a more serious tone in the public channel space.

The presenter also wanted to throw a very direct jab at Alessandro Lequio. A few days ago, when the news broke, the collaborator claimed that Terelu had been seen in the hospital without a mask, wearing satin pajamas and with a cigarette, something that Terelu herself took it upon herself to deny. motu proprio.

I haven't smoked for nine days, despite what others say on other sites.“Terelu answered in the program presented by Jordi González, pointing out that the collaborator of the Telecinco morning program had said”a real outrage“.

Regarding this statement, Jordi González took the opportunity to ask Terelu Campos if she had permanently quit tobacco. The 'D Corazón' collaborator assured that he has been abstinent for nine days, although also revealing that he has set himself “small goals” to end it: “I wish I could say I've quit forever, but I'm a beast.”