Terelu Campos has responded to her former colleagues from 'Sálvame' about the words they have dedicated to her since the premiere of 'Ni que fuerámos shhh'. The collaborator did not bite her tongue this Thursday when she was told the statements that Belén Esteban made about her in the latest installment of 'Late Xou' with Marc Giró: “I thought I had a good relationship with her, but I'm used to my life being a ferris wheel and few things surprise me.”.

The communicator has also responded to issues such as that “it is not expected” in the new Fabricantes Studio format, addressing the camera directly: “Well, maybe some of them are waiting for me. Maybe you don't know, but they do wait for me. Maybe she doesn't know my conversations, she doesn't know the situations in which I have met and stopped meeting.”

The situation of Belen Esteban It is not the same as that of the other collaborators and has never been the same. Isn't it, Belén? When you don't play with the same deck…”, Campos said, a comment that seems to be linked to the working and economic conditions of the format's collaborators.

Campos has stated that she is always “silent”, later adding that “maybe there will come a day when I am not going to keep quiet about anything at all”: “I know how to speak the same as you, I have lived with you, I have been a good companion… I don't know if everyone can say the same.”

Later, after Lydia Lozano's intervention, Terelu Campos also added María Patiño in her criticisms: “I'm the one who's sick, but I'm the one who has to call. It's the world upside down”.

“They had complained, especially María Patiño and Belén Esteban, that when we started this project you didn't pick up the phone,” Lydia Lozano recalled. “Have María Patiño and Belén Esteban cared to know what my situation is? Come on, man! The shots always go in one direction, mine. I'm very fed up!”the presenter answered.

“No one from any network has told me what I can do or what I can't do. No one has picked up a phone to tell me that if I do one thing I can't do another,” stated Terelu Campos, denying some information.