'The island of temptations'arrives tonight at its final bonfires in Telecinco (10:50 p.m.). Encounters before the fire ignite emotions and reveal the couples' true feelings, before answering the final question: how do they want to leave the experience: together, alone or in the company of a new love? David and María's bonfire continues and the truth of what happened between the young man and Zaira ends up coming to light. The reunion between Adrián and Mariona unleashes a crossroads of accusations in which the explanations of both seem not to be enough. After getting carried away with Mónica and Julen, respectively, the couple must prove if their love is above all. Ana and Borja face their final bonfire with the need to ask each other for explanations about their behavior with Napoli and Andrea. Pride builds a wall between the couple as the ceremony progresses and their future together seems to hang in the balance. Finally, Álex and Marieta, with emotions running high, try to justify their feelings for Gabriela and Sergio during their separate experience. When they face the final question, both of them have a clear answer, leading to an unexpected ending.

Gerard Butler, protagonist in Antena 3

Antenna 3 bet on a new screening of the film 'Target: Washington DC' (10:45 p.m.). After a surprise drone attack, Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is accused of an attempted assassination of the President of the United States. Pursued by his own agency and by the FBI, Banning begins a race against time in which he must reveal the real terrorist group that has set its sights on the president.

Raúl Arévalo and Karla Souza meet again on La 1

For its part, The 1 of TVE broadcasts the feature film 'I'm going to have a good time' (10:45 p.m.). David and Layla have just started the eighth year of EGB and they both love the group Hombres G. They also like each other a lot, but since David receives such bad advice from his friends, all the things he does to win her over always end up being a failure. Despite everything, the two become inseparable and are always having a good time. Very good. Just over thirty years later. David and Layla haven't seen each other since the late '80s, but they've never forgotten each other. Layla is a film director and has won an Oscar. David's life, on the other hand, has been more normal without fame or awards. When Layla returns to the city to receive a tribute, both will spend a week together in which they realize that the children they once were have not completely disappeared.

Four offers this Wednesday (10:50 p.m.) a new installment of 'Strays'. In this new installment, the format delves into the '3,000 Homes' neighborhood of Seville, a neighborhood punished by drug trafficking. “In this neighborhood the tragedies are real,” confesses a neighbor. But this neighborhood, which has the lowest per capita income in the entire country, also has a lot of color. And art. Like 'La onion', an urban flamenco artist who is on Rosalía's favorite playlist; and Antonio, a house painter during office hours and 'Spielberg's apprentice' in his spare time, who will show a scene from his latest film, with a great deal of social denunciation and filmed with non-professional actors from the neighborhood. . 'Callejeros' will also speak with Caracafé, a well-known guitarist who collaborates with a neighborhood association that helps children get off the streets through flamenco, and will visit the Andalucía school, winner of a National Award for the Promotion of Reading.

A new installment of 'Top Generation' comes to the sixth (10:30 p.m.). This week's program will feature the participation of María Barranco, Juan Ramón Lucas and Ana García Lozano, who compete in the team of the oldest, the 'Yeyé' generation, born between 1943 and 1967. Samantha Hudson, the youngest of The contestants are part of the 'Like' team, which includes those born between 1988 and 2005, along with Melody and Manuel Huedo. In the intermediate age group, the 'Guay' generation, which goes between 1968 and 1987, Supremme de Luxe, David Fernández and Juanra Bonet compete.