'Survivors: No Man's Land'arrives tonight Telecinco (10:00 p.m.). In this installment, the Bridge of Concord between Kiko Jiménez and Laura Matamoros, in which they will try to overcome their recent differences and a new salvation ceremony on the sea, with Arantxa, Arkano, Miri and Rubén as nominees, will focus the new installment . Miri will receive an unexpected visit from her father, the sculptor Eduardo Pérez Cabrero, who will sculpt a work that will serve as a clue for her daughter before her exciting reunion. In addition, a super leader game will be played between Gorka and Kiko, whose winner will have access to a series of privileges that will be announced during the gala. There will also be a pre-leader game in which they will have to reduce the weight of a hamburger as close as possible to the figure set by the program management. Those closest to the required weight will compete in the final round of the leader's game on Thursday.

A new programThe 1%'arrives tonight Antenna 3 (10:45 p.m.). The format is the Spanish adaptation of 'The 1% club', a British format that has also reached other countries such as Holland, France, Germany and Australia. The objective of the contest is to belong to the 1% club: 100 contestants face the game and, to win, they must answer correctly a question that only 1% of the country would get right. The questions are not general knowledge, but have an important part of logic. Each contestant starts with a fixed amount of money. They will start with simpler questions that 90% of the population would get right. However, the game will get more complicated with each question. Whoever answers wrong is eliminated. At the end of the program, only one player will face the question that only 1% would get right. If he answers correctly, he takes the boat home.

Ian McKellen, professional scammer on La 1

For its part, The 1 of TVE bets on a new pass of 'The great lie' (10:50 p.m.). Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen) is a professional con artist who can't believe his luck: he has met wealthy widow Betty McLeish (Helen Mirren) online. As she opens her heart to him, Roy surprises himself by realizing that he harbors feelings for her, turning what should be a simple and easy scam into one of the most complex situations in her life. .

Yolanda Ramos, protagonist in laSexta

The open premiere of 'A new sunrise'will occupy prime time the sixth for this Wednesday (10:30 p.m.). The fiction, available for premium atresplayer users, tells the story of Candela, played by Yolanda Ramos. Candela is a renowned actress and television personality who, due to her problems with alcohol and drugs, ends up in a detoxification center where she will discover the origin of her addictions, but will also find the opportunity to take control of her life. , correct your mistakes and start from scratch.

Four offers a new program of 'Another approach' (10:50 p.m.). In today's program, Jon Sistiaga focuses on the rise of movements like Hakuna, which have caught on among certain groups of young people supported by music and social networks and which have been able to fill Madrid's WiZink Center with their concerts. Christian rock. Sistiaga attends one of these concerts and visits the center that this group has established in an old convent in Las Rozas to speak with some of its members and with its founder, the priest José Pedro Manglano, known as Josepe, who left Opus Dei. to dedicate himself fully to Hakuna. In addition, the influencer couple formed by María García de Jaime and Tomás Páramo, deeply Catholic, parents of three children and belonging to the circle of friends of María Pombo and Victoria Federica, take part in the program. Why have you decided to proclaim your faith online? How do you combine the frivolity of social networks with the display of your religiosity? The program also features the testimonies of teenagers who have lived a religious experience in Effetá, a spiritual retreat that is very popular among young people. Sistiaga will also offer the point of view of the journalist specialized in religion Jesús Bastante, the sociologist Miriam Jiménez and Vicente Esplugues, parish priest of the Madrid church of Our Lady of the Americas, who will launch a more critical vision of this new way of living religiosity.