Carmen Borrego became the protagonist again last night 'Survivors'. Three days after finding out about his son's exclusive controversy, José María Almoguerathe former reality contestant went to 'Conexión Honduras' to share her feelings about the unexpected family drama in which she has been involved. “I knew absolutely nothing. But I left Honduras knowing that something serious was happening”he assured before Sandra Barneda.

María Teresa Campos' daughter explained that, as soon as she arrived in Spain, she asked the producer to let her speak with her son. However, they rejected her request and it was Terelu, at the gala last Thursday, who told her everything that was happening: “I had a horrible contest, but I haven't had any privileges.” “The first thing I thought was that he did it to save his marriage.”Carmen admitted about José María's harsh attacks.

In last night's delivery, Sandra Barneda It also gave way to some unpublished images about the reunion of Carmen and Terelu. “During the program you were very correct, but in advertising you know that it is also recorded. They recorded you and we are going to see it”the presenter told her partner.

The “caught” of Carmen and Terelu

In the conversation that occurred between the two during the advertisement, Terelu told Carmen what her reaction was when she found out the news. “I sent him the cover and told him… What a big disappointment. By the way, you could each buy an Oscar statuette and give it to each other. The problem is that lies have very short legs.”he said in her ear while unsuccessfully trying to cover the microphones.

“After the bomb… I'm not going to shed a tear”Borrego stated before listening to some “advice” from Terelu: “Don't talk about him anymore, stay the way you have kept yourself.”

Carmen also gave a hug to Jorge Javier Vazquez, who took advantage of the pause to go greet both Carmen and her sister. “This is my moment and no one is going to ruin it for me. I'm going to enter the set as if nothing was happening,” the former survivor told the presenter. This, for his part, took the opportunity to joke with Terelu: “I'm going to say hello to the ghost of the past. From here, from Telecinco.”

Kike Calleja, definitively expelled

'Survivors: Honduras Connection' also revealed this Sunday the name of its third definitive expulsion. Laura Matamoros, Kiko Jiménez, Kike Calleja and Arantxa del Sol They were risking their stay in 'Playa Limbo', but all of them had the opportunity to get off the list by playing a freediving game.

The winner turned out to be Laura, so the others were left to the audience. After Arantxa became the first save, Kike and Kiko continued on the tightrope.

Finally, The expelled person turned out to be Kike Calleja: “I want to thank you for the days you have put me through, I have been very happy with you. Thanks to Cuarzo and Mediaset for giving me this opportunity that I will never forget. Thanks to my colleagues from 'Fiesta' and 'Vamos a see' for supporting me. To my family, my friends and my father, who is the best in the world.”