Antena 3 broadcasts a new episode of 'Family Secrets' tonight at 10:00 p.m. In the chapter, Çinar feels alone. He believes that he hurts his family and that no one loves him, so he decides to get away from everyone. Ilgaz is very worried and Parla manages to find him, but Çinar rudely throws her out.

Additionally, Ilgaz and Ceylin work on a new case: the murder of a man where the main suspect is his daughter. Both investigate all the unknowns that the event hides.

Ilgaz is still very affected by the loss of Metin, and his daughter Mercan, along with Ceylin, are a great support in these difficult times.

'Family Secrets' is one of the most successful fictions broadcast since 2021 in Turkey, being number one in audiences in its first season. Its outstanding data and the great impact in its country of origin have led to its renewal for a second season, which is being broadcast throughout the current television season in Turkey.

Sold to more than 20 countries, this new production has a cast of performers such as the Turkish stars Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pinar Deniz, its two charismatic protagonists and whose chemistry as Ilgaz and Ceylin has been highly highlighted by fans of the fiction.

Íker Jiménez leads a group of specialists and experts who brings the world of mystery and the unprecedented to the viewers of 'Cuarto Milenio', tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Cuatro. The program also addresses classic topics of parapsychology, including UFOs, ghosts and psychophonies.

Telecinco broadcasts a new 'Survivors: Honduras Connection' tonight at 10:00 p.m.. At the gala, Sandra Barneda will give the contestants the opportunity to talk to their mothers about the special day that is celebrated tomorrow.

But to do this they will have to accept eating unappetizing dishes. Furthermore, Arantxa del Sol, the last one expelled, will have to cross the Bridge of Emotions.

After the disciplinary nomination of Aurah and Miri, there are six nominees this week, a list that will be reduced in a new salvation ceremony. Finally, the survivors will face three tough reward tests and the Olympus and Doom teams will be balanced in number of contestants. It will be the contestants themselves who decide who goes from the first group to the second.

laSexta: 'Anatomy of…' (9:30 p.m.). Mamen Mendizábal reconstructs the Alakrana kidnapping in a new episode of 'Anatomía de…' tonight at 9:30 p.m. on laSexta.

The program collects information about the kidnapping of the Basque tuna boat that was captured by Somali pirates while sailing through the Indian Ocean.

The pirates held the sailors for 47 days and even asked the Zapatero Government for a ransom to free the Spaniards.

After a complicated negotiation in which the most mysterious characters intervened, the payment of a million-dollar ransom allowed the release of the Alakrana, but who paid that ransom?