Cuatro: ‘Cuarto Milenio’ (9:30 p.m.)Íker Jiménez leads a group of specialists and experts who brings the world of mystery and the unpublished to the viewers of ‘Cuarto Milenio’, tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Cuatro. The program also addresses classic themes of parapsychology, including UFOs, ghosts and psychophonies. Telecinco: ‘Survivors: Honduras Connection’ (10:00 p.m.)

Telecinco broadcasts a new ‘Survivientes All Stars’ gala tonight at 10:00 p.m. after the jumps from the helicopter of nine of the 10 contestants. The space, which will start earlier with exclusive content for Mitele PLUS subscribers, will announce Adara’s final decision regarding her continuity in the contest after refusing to carry out her jump at last night’s gala. In addition, the reality show will proceed to activate the palapa to receive the legends of ‘Survivors’ for the first time. Furthermore, Jorge Javier Vázquez will surprise the contestants by announcing that they will have to face the first nominations of the edition in an evening in which the protagonists They will participate in the first leader game – the mythical test of the flying beds -, which will grant its winner immunity and the option to directly nominate one of their companions. The legends will also face a reward game during a gala that It will end with the proclamation of the list of nominees and the opening of voting in the Mitele app.

Antena 3 broadcasts a new episode of ‘Family Secrets’ tonight at 10:00 p.m. In the episode, Ceylin takes Çinar to his family to say goodbye and spend the last night together before he is arrested. Defne is very upset and begs through tears not to be left alone. Ceylin defends Çinar, but is unable to free him from prison. Tuğçe takes him to prison and they both say goodbye very sad. Furthermore, Osman asks Aylin for a divorce, takes her suitcases and appears at Zümrüt’s house, but she does not let him in. Osman is forced to go to his daughter to avoid having to spend the night on the street. The police arrive at the association and arrest the members. The new prosecutor begins to investigate all the documents and records they had saved and finds a photograph of Ceylin. He tries to discover what crime is related to her, but he cannot find it, since Yekta went ahead of the police and ate the page where they mentioned Ceylin. ‘Family Secrets’ is one of the most successful fictions broadcast since 2021 in Turkey, being number one in audiences in its first season. Its outstanding data and the great impact in its country of origin have led to its renewal for a second season, which is being broadcast throughout the current television season in Turkey. Sold to more than 20 countries, this new production has a cast of performers such as the Turkish stars Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pinar Deniz, its two charismatic protagonists and whose chemistry as Ilgaz and Ceylin has been highly highlighted by fans of the fiction.

laSexta: ‘Anatomy of…’ (9:30 p.m.) Mamen Mendizábal reconstructs the Art and Nature pyramid scam this Sunday at 9:30 p.m. on laSexta. Spain was fully in the real estate bubble and easy money seemed to be within reach. Investment products that promised higher interest rates than bank deposits had proliferated. Some were based on the purchase of stamps. Others, like this one, in works of art.

The fall of Fórum Filatelico and Afinsa in May 2006 caused all the pieces that supported ‘Art and Nature’ to begin to fall apart. The investors demanded to recover their money and the pyramid collapsed. Did the Vandellós plant comply with all the safety measures? Why was the operation of the plant transferred to a Spanish-French consortium of electrical companies? Why was the population not informed of the real severity of the accident? Was it known at all times whether or not there was any radioactive leak? Could Vandellós I have become the Spanish Chernobyl? Was any of those tried and sentenced? responsible for the management of the plant and the accident?