Íker Jiménez leads a group of specialists and experts who bring the world of mystery and the unpublished to viewers of ‘Cuarto Milenio’, tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Cuatro. The program also addresses classic topics of parapsychology, including UFOs, ghosts and psychophonies.

Telecinco will broadcast a new gala of ‘Supervivientes All Stars: Conexión Honduras’ tonight at 10:00 p.m. In this installment, Sandra Barnedá will address the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl, which has devastated the location where the protagonists are facing the adventure, leaving the space covered in mud and ruining some of the few belongings they had. These new complications added to their already difficult survival and three new games in Poseidon’s Odyssey with a tasty reward as a prize for its winner.

In addition, the show, which will show the blind percentages of votes accumulated for the third expulsion with Abraham, Lola and Marta as nominees, will celebrate a new Odyssey of Poseidon with three new games: the first, ‘The Vases of Minerva’ will test their ability to concentrate and their balance; the second, ‘The Bridge of Daedalus’, their agility, skill and speed; and the third, the mythical barely inside a cage submerged under the sea, their lung capacity.

Finally, one of the survivors will receive an emotional video from their loved ones linked to a special family date and everyone will meet to discuss the most notable situations of survival in the Oracle of Poseidon. The gala will feature speeches by Pedro García Aguado, Carmen Borrego, Miri Pérez-Cabrero and Marieta Díaz; and Kiko Jiménez, among the participants’ and nominees’ advocates.

Antena 3 will broadcast a new episode of ‘Family Secrets’ tonight at 10:00 p.m. In the episode, Tuğçe is lying unconscious and badly injured on a bed. She tries to move, but is unable to. Her attackers force her into a car and throw her body into the sea. Tuğçe regains consciousness briefly and remains floating in the water.

The police receive a tip about a case they are investigating. Eren and Efe go to check the evidence when the officers find Tuğçe, who is in critical condition. An ambulance takes Tuğçe to the hospital. All of his loved ones are in shock and await news about his health.

Eren is devastated and only thinks about finding the culprits, so he begins to investigate on his own. Laçin makes Yekta believe that they are going to remarry, but leaves him standing in front of all the guests. She assures him that she would never be with someone like him again. Yekta is devastated.