The explosive statements that Ángel Cristo Jr. has given in an exclusive with his partner, Ana Herminia, are having important reactions in his family environment. Sofía Cristo was on ‘Espejo Público’ this Wednesday, appearing completely destroyed by those words: “Since the month of October We are experiencing continuous abuse towards my mother, by this person.”

“My mother is 74 years old, and they won’t leave her alone and they won’t let her live,” the DJ continued, adding: “I don’t know if anyone who is at home can imagine, or can empathize, with how they would feel if this happened to them, if their son did something like that.” “The only thing I want is for them to leave us alone,” she commented, unable to contain her tears at the situation.

Sofía Cristo also asked her brother to talk about him while she was still completely destroyed by these statements: “What if to sell his fucking wedding he has to drag my mother…”

I have sat on sets, but I have never spoken badly about my brothereither. I have sat down to defend her from my father, who mistreated her. I have talked about my life, my addictions… I have never spoken badly about anyone. When I have spoken about my father, it has been to defend my mother, whom he mistreated. I’ve never talked about him. “It has never stopped him because he didn’t appear in the press,” she said sadly.

The former participant of ‘Baila as you can’ (TVE) also declared that she felt “exhausted” by this issue at the media level: “If my job is going to be to come every week to talk about this content, I prefer not to come to TV because I try to make a healthy television, and to me Lately it doesn’t seem like I’m doing it. “I come to have a good time with my teammates.”

“They preferred to comment on current affairs because I am intelligent enough and not comment on heart because I don’t like it. I don’t want to. I have retired from reality shows and a lot of activities. So, I don’t want to come on a Wednesday and find this shit. I don’t feel like commenting on this. I am already tired. “I’m never going to talk about him,” said Sofía Cristo before Gema López tried to console her in the situation: “Really, leave me a moment, Gema.”

Cristo asked the Antena 3 program that when it touches on these topics other collaborators comment on them: “I have already reached my limit. “I’m on tour, I have a lot of work, I want to be focused on my life, on the positive things that don’t lower my vibration, that are at a high frequency, and with the people who really love me.”

“Let them sell everything. As if they want to have a Zulu wedding, but let them talk about themselves. Let them talk about how magnificent their wedding is going to be, about Ana’s daughter, because, unfortunately, I can’t see my niece.” Neither does my mother, and we don’t talk about this topic. So, leave us alone now, because this is a psychological blow.

Later, Christ was very clear when talking about a possible reconciliation: “I will forgive him when he is dead, like my father. I don’t want to know anything about him, I don’t even want to see him, I want them far away. I don’t want to talk about him, I don’t want to give him anything. I’m not going to read that interview, I know he doesn’t name me, but he shouldn’t name my mother either. “Let us enjoy it in peace, since we have already suffered a lot for many years.”

Furthermore, on the other hand, ‘Espejo Público’ also wanted to explain that it was not premeditated that Sofía Cristo was on the set on the day this exclusive was published. “It was a coincidence that Sofía was here today, because she was summoned last Thursday, but no one could have guessed that she was going to appear on this cover,” explained Gema López.