In its delivery on Monday, May 27, 'It is time to The 1' reported on the moments of tension they experienced Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero at the doors of the court, scolded by a group of people when they were attending the trial against their alleged harasser. “Disgusting”, “miserable” or “disgraceful” were just some of the insults heard against the former Podemos leader.

Both Iglesias and Montero had no problems crossing the fence and going outside. to call people who yelled at them from outside “harassers”who stopped their insults by having them in front of them.

After broadcasting the scene live, Silvia Intxaurrondo came to their defense: “To defame You need to be brave and you need to come face to face with that person who is being harassed.and not with a fence in the middle”.

Immediately afterwards, the journalist put on the table the “differentiating element” of the harassment that Iglesias and Montero have suffered compared to that of other politicians: “There were media outlets that They published hoaxes, defamed them and collaborated by harassing them day after day with reports that were proven false.who were without police letterhead, carrying that information on the front page.

“Media and pseudomedia that did collaborate by lying about both of us”Intxaurrondo stated, before some of his collaborators recalled that the exact address of his home and “details about his children” were also published.