Intense morning for the Minister of Healthd, Mónica García, in which she has held meetings with different health unions. Among others, with the Nursing Union, SATSE. In the meeting with the president of this organization, Laura Villasenorthe minister has agreed to address the professional reclassification of nurses and physiotherapists within a single Group A, without subgroups, and the chronic shortage of staff that exists in the National Health System.

According to SATSE, Villaseñor highlighted to the Minister of Health that the professional reclassification of nurses and physiotherapists within the public administration is a “priority” in a single Group A, without subgroups. Currently, It is not happening from Public Function “The same treatment is given to nurses and physiotherapists with respect to other undergraduate professions, despite having the same training of 240 credits,” they indicate.

Eliminate the current division

SATSE has been demanding for years that it be modified Article 76 of the Basic Statute of Public Employees (EBEP) to eliminate the current division into subgroups A1 and A2 in Group Aand that all university graduates, in the case of these health professionals, belong to Group A (without subgroups) something that should have happened 15 years ago.

SATSE urges Health to promote an exhaustive study of the needs of nurses in the National Health System

Also, the president of the union informed the minister of “the urgency” of promoting a study from her department. exhaustive of the needs of nurses in the National Health System “with a sufficient time horizon, which allows achieving ratios adjusted to present and future care needs”.

Collective discouragement

On the tablethe representative of SATSE put “the discouragement of the profession due to the total lack of interest on the part of the administrations and political representatives in promoting this professional group.” He alluded to “their job insecurity, lower salary than other workers with higher education, purchasing power loss accumulated over years of restrictive policies, absolutely disproportionate ratios of patients, and work overload.

These working conditions, the SATSE representative explained at the meeting, add up to “the lack of recognition of competencies and professional autonomynot being taken into account for decision making, the veto certain management positions or the lack of opportunities for professional advancement, despite having “high qualification, training and specialization”.

Patient Safety Law

Other priorities transferred to Mónica García have been the definitive approval of the proposal of Patient Safety Law, pending again its taking into consideration in the Congress of Deputies and enabling the Voluntary early retirement for the profession.

In the meeting, in which the general secretary of Trade Union Action of SATSE also participated, Rafael Reig, The need to achieve an orderly and progressive implementation of specialties of Nursing, and approve a state law that combats assaults suffered by all healthcare personnel. Regarding this last issue, the union recalled that it has prepared a proposed rule to put an end to “this serious problem.”

Labor conditions

On the other hand, Villaseñor stressed the need to attract, retain and motivate professionals. For this, he proposed “improving and harmonizing the working conditions of nurses and physiotherapists to end existing inequalities.” Also, encourage the return of professionals who have emigrated to other countries.

Finally, the president of the Nursing Union stressed to the minister that it is “essential” to do a study on the increase of nursing university places based on existing needs and ensuring quality theoretical and practical training for students. SATSE concludes that Mónica García “showed his sensitivity towards problems and needs of nurses and physiotherapists, as well as their willingness to work to improve their situation.