The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, This Wednesday, he boasted about the extension of part of the social shield that he launched to contain the harsh effects of inflation and boasted about the growth of the Spanish economy, which doubles what most of the study services estimated at the beginning of the year. In an appearance at the Moncloa, as a review of 2023, Sánchez has broken down the content of the omnibus decree with which he will inaugurate the new year and has exhibited his credentials after the renewal of his mandate. “The Spanish economy has denied all the prophets of chaosshowing solidity and strength, despite the uncertainty that we are experiencing in the entire international context,” he stated.

The head of the central Executive has stressed that Spain enjoys a solid economic growthwith job creation, and has confirmed the maintenance of most of the measures of the so-called “social shield”: extends those approved after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which range from the gradual increase in energy taxes until free public transport and discounts. At the same time, it maintains taxes on banks and energy companies, although in the latter case, with the option of deductions for invest in energy transition projects, and the prohibition will continue (at least until 2025) on carrying out evictions of vulnerable people without a housing alternative.

The birth of the omnibus decree has been achieved after an intense debate between socialists and Sumar partners, especially on the maintenance of subsidy and free public transport measures and taxes on banking and energy companies. Most are extensions of measures that were already in force and expired on December 31.

Pensions, 3.8%

Sánchez has said that his main objective is “improve and protect the lives of the majority of citizens”, especially in a context of “uncertainty” due to the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Before starting to list the measures on VAT and transport, he mentioned the increase in pensions according to the CPI, that is, 3.8%. “That 0.25% is far from the governments of the Popular Party, and today the retirees of our country have a revaluation that is updated every year according to the evolution of the cost of living”, has stood out.

The president began his speech to the media by emphasizing that the Spanish, in the general elections in July, elected a Government with “progressive agenda” and they ruled out an Executive “marked by the far-right agenda”, in reference to the PP’s need for Vox votes so that Alberto Núñez Feijóo could become president. Ignoring the economic and political concessions to which he is forced due to his parliamentary weakness, the socialist leader has focused the focus on the “social advances and also coexistence” that he has promoted in the last four years.

The head of the Executive has said that he will continue to make “the agreement his reason for being” and will dialogue “with everyone” and “in all areas”: he mentioned that this past legislature has already done so with the social agents, the European Commission and the municipal and regional governments, and also with the parliamentary groups and the “nationalist forces”, to “normalize the political situation inherited from the previous Administration” in Catalonia.