The PP prepares its heavy artillery for next week. The next Tuesday, December 12ththe acceptance of the amnesty law proposal will be debated in Congress and the popular ones will not miss the opportunity to surround the coalition Government with more than a dozen questions and motions that they will defend in the plenary sessions of the Lower House and of the Senate. Pedro Sánchez will avoid this first parliamentary offensive thanks to a trip to Strasbourgfirst, now Brusselsafter.

On Tuesday afternoon, the first debate of the amnesty law will take place in Congress, it is the step to the beginning of the processing of the law. However, the vast majority of ministers will be in the Senate control session, where the PP will question them about the agreements with the independence groups. The next morning, several of these questions will be repeated in Congress. Sánchez will not be at either appointment.

The head of the Spanish Executive will be traveling in Strasbourgwhere early on Wednesday the 13th he will give a speech before the European Parliament to close the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union. In addition, the last leaders summit of 2023, which Sánchez will also attend on Thursday, December 14 and Friday, December 15. In this way, the leader of the PSOE will avoid the first attack by the conservatives.

The questions

In the absence of Sánchez, the PP has focused on its main collaborators in the Government. “What is the exact contribution of the Amnesty Law to coexistence between Spaniards?“, they will ask the Minister of Justice and the Presidency in Congress, Felix Bolaños; “Do you still think that the amnesty is unconstitutional?” will be the question addressed to the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero; and the head of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska They will ask you if you believe that “judges prevaricate.”

To this will be added another measure of ten questions in the Senate about the pacts with EH Bilduthe existence of ‘lawfare’, the transfer of tax management to Catalonia or whether “the stability of the Government can be managed outside of Spain“In addition, in the Upper House they will promote a motion against the amnesty which, given their absolute majority, will go ahead without any problem.

They will not be able to ask Sánchez until the following Wednesday, December 20th. That day, the head of the Executive will go to Congress to appear on the agreements reached in the different Councils held in the European Union and, afterwards, the control session will take place. It will be when the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóois released by asking Sánchez in the Lower House.

Other issues

Next week the approval of the three investigative commissions that the PSOE has agreed with ERC and Junts will also be debated in plenary session. On the one hand, one about Operation Catalonia, where the post-convergents seek to clarify if there has been ‘lawfare’ in Spain against the Catalan independence movement, and another about the attacks of August 17 2017 on the Rambla in Barcelona. And, on the other, the proposal registered by ERC, EH Bildu and BNG on espionage with the Pegasus program.

The three initiatives will go ahead with the ‘yes’ of the investiture block, although later it will have to be the Board that decides to activate them and prepare a list of those appearing.