Real Madrid once again demonstrated last night in Badalona that practically no one can cough on them. The seven consecutive victories with which Penya arrived at the event were of little use, the losses of Sergio Rodríguez, Gabriel Deck and Guerschon Yabusele, or the expulsion of Mario Hezonja.

73-101 in the 14th win in 15 games for the whites in ACB. “A Formula 1 has passed us by, but we don’t have to deviate from the path,” he explained. Carles Duran after the game. The classification for the Cup It gets complicated, but it is not yet impossible. Manresa and Tenerife at home will be the last two challenges to try to get the ticket to Malaga.

Un Penya – Real Madrid is always a special match for Rudy Fernandez. The Balearic forward returns to his origins, those in which he amazed and dazzled the entire basketball world and that opened the doors of the NBA, a stage that lasted until 2011, when he signed for the white team during the NBA ‘lockout’, and finally until 2012, when he signed permanently for the madridista club

A controversial basket celebration

But the truth is that the communion with his former hobby did not go as expected. After being rebuked by some sector of an Olympic that brought together 11,104 spectators, Rudy did not take well to those boos, and after converting two practically consecutive triples before the break, he did not hesitate to ‘celebrate’ them by looking towards one of the pavilion’s stands. An action recriminated by one of the members of the Joventut bench, as could be seen on the television signal.

At the end of the game, Rudy shared a story on his Instagram account saddened by what happened, and hinting that The visit to the Olímpic could have been the last of his career before retiring as a player. We must not forget that, at 38 years old, the player announced that he would leave the national team this coming summer, in which ‘The Family’ will try to be an Olympian and be in the Paris Games.

Rudy’s message after the game

“A shame but… I only have to say goodbye forever although I will always continue thinking about you,” he shared in a photo from the game. A ‘story’ that she later deleted to recover another in which she received the affection of the people once the match was over. “I’ll take this,” wrote.

His sister also got ‘wet’

His sister Marta also did not hesitate to speak out about what her brother had gone through during the match, and on her social networks she was very clear: “Rudy, I was not able to go see you in Badalona today. But I applaud you and I will always applaud you for everything you have made us enjoy at the Olímpic with the Penya shirt.” “Thank you sister,” the player replied.

The future beyond next season

The truth is that, after having announced his future plans with the National Team, this is one of the first times in which Rudy has spoken publicly about his future. His contract with Real Madrid expires next summer, and already with 39 years, must decide whether to stretch a ccareer marked by successes in the sporting field, or if it puts an end to a career in the elite of more than 20 years.