The contacts of Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP with Carles Puigdemont and his openness to pardon independentists They are still present in programs like ‘Everything is a lie’. This Tuesday, Cuatro’s program had the presence of Esperanza Aguirrewho spoke about the controversial words of the popular leader.

“I don’t know, and none of us know, is what Feijóo said at that dinner. Apparently, Feijóo has felt obliged to specify what his point of view is on all this,” he began by saying. “He has said: ‘They have gone so far as to say that I am in favor of the amnesty and the pardons’. None of that is like that, not at all.“, continued the former president of the Senate, adding: ““What I know is that (in the PP) we are against amnesty and pardons.”

These statements surprised Risto Mejide, who cornered Esperanza Aguirre with his question: “16 media outlets in this country have published that Feijóo had leaked to them that he is open to conditional pardons for the leaders of the processes and that his party studied the amnesty for 24 hours. Are you saying that those 16 media outlets are lying?”

Far from answering with a yes or no to this question from the presenter, the former president of the Community of Madrid continued with her explanation: “And what conditions were they? Well, those that the law says. Let them come, let them be judged and let them be promise not to do it again.”

“That is what makes the pardons legal. But these gentlemen have said: ‘Ho tornarem a fer,'” said Aguirre, later complaining about the excess of criticism his political party was receiving: “Here we are dedicated to messing with the PP instead of messing with the PSOE. This is an anti-PP program”.

“The entire first part of the program we have attacked Marlaska and Montero. And you, stay quiet. And you, delighted. Now, as soon as we turn to the PP. Anyway…”, Risto Mejide answered Esperanza Aguirre between laughs.