There was an abyss between Arandina and Real Madrid, the bottom of the fourth category of Spanish football against the most successful club in the history of this sport. It had to be an unblemished commitment of the whites in Duero Cranberry and so it was, because the passion and enthusiasm of their rivals and the 10,000 fans who supported them did not serve to tear down the wall of reality that they had before them.

He won Madrid with solvency (1-3), advanced to the round and did not draw a single negative conclusion. Because Güler debuted and left good glimpses of the quality that is assumed of him and because Camavinga returned from his injury with the feeling of not having lost his rhythm, days before the Super Cup. And even because in the end the whites managed to score his first penalty goal of the season. On the fourth time, she finally got it right. Joselu did it. The game had little more history.

Kepa occupied the white goal, as he had advanced Ancelotti, waiting for the Italian to finish removing the daisy and definitively opt for the Basque or Lunin as the starting goalkeeper. From there, the news accumulated. Vinicius Tobiasafter the injury of Lucas Vazquezappeared on the right side, while Alvaro Carrillo He accompanied Nacho in the center of the defense.

The two Castilla players were debutants, as was Arda Güler, at the short end exactly six months after Madrid announced his lightning signing. Around them, the return of Camavinga after almost two months out due to injury and the ownership of Nico Paz.

Notable absences in Madrid

Without men like BellinghamVinicius, Rodrygo, Valverde or Kroos, Madrid faced a match for the vindication of the secondary teams. And from the outset they fulfilled the first premise in matches against rivals like Arandina: not to trust each other and face the commitment with concentration and seriousness.

Madrid did it without excessive haste, playing and playing, with Nico Paz and Güler very active, the Turkish was much more precise, the best in the first half. The whites’ possession was at times above 90%, against an Arandina very well planted on the field, leaving hardly any gaps for the Ancelotti they would hurt him.

Güler He enjoyed the only two dangerous chances in the first half, a direct free kick that hit the post and a cross shot that was repelled by Adrian Alvarezwhile Arandina got excited with every throw-in close to the penalty area. KepaWell, its central Fishing He projected them towards the penalty spot with astonishing power.

Two goals in one minute

It is true that it was missing that Madrid put a new gear into the game, but everything seemed like a matter of time. So it was. The fuse was lit Zazu, captain of Arandino, with an absolutely dispensable penalty that Joselu converted into the first goal of the match. A minute later, in the 55th minute, Brahim hunted down an ownerless ball in the area to bury Arandina’s dreams.

With the match resolved in a handful of seconds, Ancelotti made two changes that seemed planned in advance, since those who retired just at match time were the reappeared Güler and Camavinga. Between the goals and the substitutions (and the cold and a grass that was becoming very rough), the pace of the match inevitably turned towards tedium.

There was a minute for him Toro Rodríguez and to Mario Martin, homegrown players who had already appeared briefly in Ancelotti’s plans last season. No trace of Bellingham, Modric, Rüdiger and Carvajalchilled from the cold on the Juan Carlos Higuero bench. Rodrygo, Just when the 90th minute was up, he raised the thermostat again, scoring the third and final goal of the match and there was still time for Nacho will score in his own goal, giving the Arandina fans the pleasure of celebrating a little. The least they deserved.