A positive reading from the opposite side always has double value, although sometimes the aftertaste is still bittersweet. Not far from that idea was the balance of a Raúl González Blanco that one more season he came out again with the three points in his pocket from the visit of his Real Madrid Castilla to Córdoba CF in The Archangel (1-2), in which there was a vibrant first match of the year, although with an unfortunate ending for the interests of Córdoba. «The atmosphere is sensational. I think Córdoba CF has to be in professional football, there are cities where you breathe football, this is one of them. Let’s hope that this year they can be fighting, I think they can achieve it,” said the iconic former player, now coach of the Madrid reserve team, after the clash.


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Send the success

As a key to victory, the Madrid coach pointed out the success in the areas, qualifying the large number of chances generated by Iván Ania’s team, but also the reliability of his defense to stop them: “I think it was a great game, against a great team like Córdoba CF, who I am sure will fight to go up to Second and in the positions of playoffs. They have created many difficulties for us, facing them they had a young, hungry team. We have known how to take advantage of our few opportunities. It is a team that puts you behind even if you don’t want to. It was a game in which the boys knew how to suffer. Football is about scoring goals, but there is no doubt that people have enjoyed it a lot.either. He has been a great game, we have had the success that they probably did not have today,” he indicated.

«This victory reinforces all the work that is being done. We have had a first phase that has been good, but we have lost many games in situations that arise, which are the competition, which these boys have to experience. Córdoba CF is a mature, mature team. They have to learn that. Reinforce, that’s why the boys were so happy. Coming to this stage and having them behave like this, that everyone can see, reinforces us all,” he said, satisfied.

A Castile «shuttle”

Influencing the real objective of the Real Madrid CastillaIn addition, the former Spanish national team forward also took the opportunity to focus on the main goal of the Merengue youth team: to nourish the first team with talent, although without skimping on the competitiveness and ambition of the reserve team. «This season two players have already made their debut, possibly two more on Saturday. The team has the DNA of Real Madrid, but Castilla is the one that loses the mostbecause it has rivals like Córdoba CF, Málaga, Ibiza, Castellón… We have to help these kids to live those experiences, they are in a process,” he acknowledged.

«It has been a team that has created many chances for us, but we have defended well. We have been good defensively, they have not been successful. We have taken advantage of our situations in attack. We still have a lot of improvement », he concluded.