If there is something that characterizes 'Your face is familiar to me' It is seeking excellence. It is not only the nine contestants who in each edition give their all to offer the best imitations, but it is the challenge of the entire team, among which are those in charge of the music, the choreographies, the props, the costumes and the characterization, to speak only of those whose work is perceived. Above all the characterization, because there is no program on TV (except for 'Polònia') that has a department dedicated to transforming the faces of the participants. And in this the professionals led by Rachel Gonzalez are crowned as the 'creme de la creme', since they must exceed a minimum of nine weekly challenges (if there are guests the number increases), and they do it with note. It is not surprising that they have three Iris awards.

That is why they celebrate their transfer to an upper floor of the Mediapark studioswhere there is more space and a lot of light, since on the days of recording or the final gala it becomes a feverish workshop of make faces to which some famous people enter and others leave: the singers who must imitate. The result is spectacular. And since the cloner hands out the papers, the team has only a week. “They present all the imitations to me and the contestant who will do it with the links to the videos. We take screenshots and look for photos on the internet of the character to see the nose, eye color, details…”, González begins to say, flanked by a wall with a wall behind her where false pigtails hang as if from bullfighting trophies. will be treated.

drawing faces

When they have everything, it's time to draw: “Because we draw the face. We don't use special effects. No prosthetics. There would be no time to prepare them, because we would need the contestants beforehand to make the molds. And it means money that we don't have. In addition, they require a lot of maintenance,” he continues. “The wonder of this program is that you can do everything and everything holds up well,” she says. Despite the fact that the contestants, after their performance, do not stop rolling around, dancing and kissing each other. “In the case of noses we use a modeling paste “It doesn't dry completely, which is going very well for us, because we can tweak it during the program,” he details, while emphasizing that he didn't want to become a cartoon. “I wanted to have that point of realism and that's why we can't tighten the makeup,” he explains.

Paints and utensils to characterize in 'Your face sounds familiar to me'.

On the day of the performances they have everything ready. On one of the dressers, a head-shaped stand holds Manolo Escobar's wig, the one that Juanra Bonet will wear, with the photo of the singer attached, which will serve as a cheat sheet. And so on all the tables with other faces, which makes up a landscape between strange and disturbing. When the contestants arrive, they are subjected to a process that lasts between four and four and a half hours. Depending on the difficulty, the boss calls more professionals from the team, made up of five hairdressers and eight makeup artists. And if necessary she also puts on makeup. On this occasion she has been in charge of converting Raoul in Mahmood. Although the one that is most unrecognizable is Miguel Lago, that goes inside a gigantic Olaf doll from 'Frozen' and you can barely see his face. “Many times we have done fantasy makeup. But now they make these heads and you only see the mouth part,” she explains, so it's not worth putting on makeup.

Gender change

A topic that leads him down the path of bitterness is wigs: “I never find the one I want and not everything always turns out so perfect. If you see the face separately, the wig on the other hand and the costumes on the other, then no. But everything together and once on stage, the visual impact that the audience has is total surprise,” she consoles herself. Another handicap is cturn a man into a womanvice versa. “Although the biggest problem is when there are two singers with two almost identical faces. The more normal they are or the more classic, the more difficult it is,” she laments, while she remembers that they must also wear makeup. to the dancers and the guests. “In total they come here every week. about 30 people”, he details.

A meticulous and laborious job that requires a lot of patience. Also on the part of those characterized. “Sometimes it's hard. Especially when they have to get older. Or if they he has to put a beard, which is what bothers them the most, since it itches. Even if they are small, because they are cut hairs that go on their skin. And if they have a nose and a bald head, or a wig, imagine,” she emphasizes. “They have a lot of patience. And us, too,” she confesses. But then they must act. “We are aware that they sit for three hours without moving and then have to go out and sing, which means they have all the nerves in the world. And we don't let them relax,” she acknowledges. However, he doesn't remember anyone edge. “There have been some that are more difficult to deal with. But I form my team to support the contestants. You have to pamper them. If it is difficult for me, imagine for them, that every four or five days they have to learn a choreography or a lyric,” she says empathetically.

David Bustamante looks at how Prince Royce's toupee turned out.

The three Iris awards have been hard-earned. And they have not received more because there is no competition. “In a series you have a month and a half before to do tests and prepare throughout the series. Not here. I came from 'Starfall', where they repeated the characters. I didn't expect that here I would have to prepare several each week”. With such baggage it is not surprising that he will train teams from other countries. “I went to Beirut to make the version there and I was there for 10 weeks, plus the preparation. And they have called me from other countries.” Thus she discovered, for example, that not all places have a culture of costume. “In some they don't have characterizers,” she explains. And in Arabs do not undergo transformations from men to women. “And from women to men they only let us do one. You have to adapt the format to each culture,” she says.

However, their elders enemies are, without a doubt, 5K and high definition, which are the 'cotton test'. “You can see all the flaws, all the glue. They are also the same for presenters who are not dressed up and are already of a certain age. With that, the magic of what television was is lost,” she maintains. We miss the stocking that Sara Montiel wore on camera to look divine, come on. The light doesn't make it easy either: “There is one in the cloner; in acting, another; “at the time of the jury, another one, and a different one on the couch,” she lists. No wonder film and theater characterists say that yours is another world. In characterization schools there should be the branch 'Your face sounds familiar to me.' And we already know who would be in charge of teaching the master's degree.