During matchday 24, in the match between Real Madrid and Girona, Puma has decided to hack the surroundings of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium with a very special campaign. They are posters that claim the ability of a modest team like Girona to challenge one of the largest teams in the world for leadership. Under the premise Forever Dreaming, always dreaming, The campaign talks about how, from humility and respect, sometimes a small team can have dreams as big as the teams it faces.

The posters will be distributed, and posted in a very visible way, along the busiest routes that fans take when going to the Madrid stadium on match day. The objective is to accompany them and join them in encouraging their team with the same spirit that has brought them here.. Strength, faith, talent, work and perseverance. Puma wanted to pay tribute to everything this team represents through a unique campaign to tell all its fans that, no matter what happens, the strategy must always be the same: keep dreaming.

The campaign of wildposting is composed of four different posterswill be broadcast on social networks, sports media and will have *photographs, two *videos (one with a making off and another with the reaction of the fans), in addition to the support of Puma and the Girona Fútbol Club.