'Let's see' spoke about the last hour about the Alves case. The former soccer player's lawyer has once again requested the immediate departure of Dani Alves, causing Patricia Pardo to speak out against the sentence that the young man has received.

“I know this is complicated to say, but that's how it is. The law says that and you don't get those years just to repair the damage, forgive me, but that's not the case. The fault lies with the law of 'only yes means yes', solely and exclusively, because the lower fork is caught. That's why he gets four and a half years,” said the Telecinco presenter.

“You're going to forgive me, but someone has to say it,” lamented the journalist, who does not understand the reasoning based on the story the girl gave.

According to our colleagues at 'El Periodio', Inés Guardiola, Dani Alves' lawyer, has requested the former player's departure while appeals against the sentence are processed. Furthermore, the defense highlights the 150,000 euros that Alves paid before the trial with the aim of reducing the sentence to a year and a half, which he would be about to serve.