History has repeated itself. The one that Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño wrote when he was the second, the one who entered the contest later 'Pass word', who ended up taking home the biggest jackpot in the history of the program: 2.2 million euros. Now the protagonists are others, Moisés Laguardiawhich had been participating since May 2023, accumulating 245 programs, and Oscar Diazwho appeared there four months later, which means that he has played in 157. And, yes, It has been Díaz who took this Wednesday the 1,816,000 euros thanks to an F. Although not that of Fortuna, but of Fahrenkamp, which, for those who don't know (or rather, does anyone know?) is the surname of the architect who designed the Villa Wenhold, in the German city of Bremen.

And although many of us don't even know what town that is, and some don't even know where Bremen is on the map, this 52-year-old man from Madrid, press officer in professional golf tournaments, he has managed to complete lthe 25 questions of Rosco. Among them some as basic as “With the O: Organ of sight in humans and animals”, but also gems like “With the Z: It is said about something that is light blue, especially the eyes” ( If you still want more, we invite you to try to complete the Rosco). However, Díaz, although not in one go, as was the case (as unique and exceptional as it was humiliating for Orestes) of Rafa Castaño, Díaz has been answering them all. Until the F has given him the final victory.

TO Moisés Laguardiawith whom he maintains second longest duel of the contest and has been a friend since they played years ago in a Trivial league on IRC (Internet Realy Chat), Orestes had a look on his face when he saw how so much effort came to nothing and he 'only' took the 162,000 euros accumulated. So if in the 154 duels they have faced, in which they had been tied 34 times, the Riojan had achieved 63 victories and Díaz 56, The latter, number 57, has meant that the Madrid native has acquired the third boat largest program of the four of the current stage of Antena 3, which began in 2020, with Roberto Leal in front.

The largest was Rafa Castaño, 2,272,000 euros; the second is that of Pablo Díaz, with 1,828,000 euros, and the fourth is that of Sofía Álvarez, of 'only' 466,000 euros). Special mention deserves Eduardo Benito, who took the pot of 2,190,000 euros in the first stage at Antena 3, in 2006, and he did the first day he competed!

Translator, reader and writer

Although his job is now related to the publishing world and sports, Díaz has a degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Systems and, for more than 25 years, he has been a specialized English translator in video games and literary texts and, as he confessed in the program, he writes “a little.” For example, he writes columns in a digital medium dedicated to golf. Furthermore, he is a big fan of cinema, sports and reading of all kinds, among which comics abound. Likewise, he is passionate about music and even sang in an amateur group.

But above all it is a contest professional (“contestant” according to the definition of presenter Arturo Valls), since he has a long history in this type of programs. Thus, in the mythical 'To know and to win' by Jordi Hurtado (La 2) reached 200 programs and won 169,900 euros accumulatedand in the other Antena 3 contest, presented by Juanra Bonet, Boom!, as part of the Los Dispersos team, showed that they did not live up to their nickname, since they lasted for 324 programs, until April 2021 when the bomb exploded, but they shared a prize of 1,546,400.

Likewise, this was not his first participation in 'Pasapalabra', since he was one of the contestants in the first stage on Antena 3, which presented the historic Silvia Jato, back in the year 2000 and in the special 'Pasapalabra as a family', issued in 2018, took a can of 198,000 euros along with his wife, Patricia, and his sister Lucía. The current 'Pasapalabra' on Antena 3 had landed in September 2023 and had accumulated a total of 89,400 euros. In one hour that amount has multiplied by 20. They say that knowledge does not take up space, but it can greatly increase (despite the Treasury) the amount of your checking account.