The National Police have arrested a woman and identified two men for the attempted boycott of the event in which the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planaswho has gone to Rabanales Campus from the University of Córdoba to receive recognition for their work.

Fifty people have been waiting for hours for the arrival of the representative of the central Executive, which was scheduled for 6:45 p.m. As the time approached tension and tension among the attendees it was growing.

When the protesters realized that the minister had accessed the facilities, they wanted to enter by force, overcoming the barrier of police officers. National Police that guarded the main access to the campus.

It was at this moment that the detainee has broken into the facilities and has tried to head towards the Campus Government building, where the authorities received Planas before starting the event in the Auditorium.

Along with this detainee, the police have identified two people for disturbing the order.