The conventual church of the Holy Angel (Cappuccinos) will welcome this Sunday, at 12:30 hours the presentation of the design of the new embroidered tunic for Our Father Jesus of the Blood in the Contempt of the Peoplemade by the prestigious Huelva designer Gonzalo Navarro Ambrojo.

According to the brotherhood, the event will take place, along with the designer, the art historian and restorer José de León Calzado, which will explain the iconographic program that the author has followed in the design of the new tunic and the singularities that make this a work “unique in its typology.”

The project of a new embroidered tunic has been an initiative of the group of costaleros of the Lord of Bloodwith the intention of being a gift from all the costaleros and brothers of the Brotherhood of Jesus of the Blood, so it is offered for the collaboration of all the devotees of the Lord. For this reason, the tunic will have the name of the donors who exceed the established minimum amount written on it.

The brotherhood points out that donationsin order to carry out this work, they may be contributed to the commission created to achieve this project or by direct debiting a fee according to a variable temporality.