The controversy is still present in the Eurovision Song Contest after an edition full of controversy. After the EBU statement in which it assures that it will review the incidents in the Malmö 2024 edition, the Dutch newspaper Nu.Nl has revealed that Netherlands He complained the day before his disqualification about the “tense and unsafe” environment. that was backstage at the festival, something that he would have confirmed with Dutch public television AVOSTROS.

According to the aforementioned media, the complaint from the Dutch delegation focused on the “unpleasant atmosphere” that was experienced especially in the so-called Delegations Bubblethe area where the different dressing rooms and rest areas of the different participants and their teams are located.

This was not the only complaint regarding the tension experienced in the last edition of Eurovision. The Portuguese delegation also criticized the EBU's decision to use an anti-booing system during the broadcast of the different galas of the musical contest, especially, for example, during the performance of the representative of Israel, Eden Golan. This report was also supported by Dutch television: “We believe that when a musician performs he should always show the public what he does.”

The Dutch newspaper also reports that representatives from Lithuania, Ireland and Norway, among others, have also criticized the atmosphere behind the scenes. In fact, the band Gåte acknowledged to Aftenposten that they had considered withdrawing before the grand final of Eurovision 2024.

It should be remembered that this edition of Eurovision 2024 was marked by the expulsion of Joost Klein, something that had never happened in the history of the contest. As explained by the Dutch AVOSTROS, the interpreter of 'Europapa' He allegedly made a threatening movement towards a member of the festival production. The Swedish police investigated the incident and referred the case to the judiciary.