atmospheric stability. A maxim known both in summer and winter when sunny days abound, clouds are considered extraordinary and rains remain as something typical of the memory. He cold, yes, it gives a slight respite in the minimums and maximums before a new thermal drop expected from the weekend.

Although the persistent drought requires abundant rainfall to quench the thirst of the countryside and avoid new restrictions, the reality is that Nor will this week be the one that waters the natural liquid element the land of Córdoba.

In fact, according to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) for Cordova and province, there will be slightly cloudy or clear skies. Rising temperatures and light winds to moderate of this component.

Temperatures will be at Cordova between 6º and 17º, in Lucena between 5º and 16º, in Pozoblanco between 4º and 14º, and in Priego de Córdoba between 1º and 14º.

Here you can check the weather forecast for today in all the municipalities of Córdoba, Andalusia and Spain.

The weather in Córdoba this Saturday

As for this Saturday, December 16, the Aemet forecast is for clear skies. Minimum temperatures in decline; maximums without changes. Light winds from the east.

The thermometer will oscillate Cordova between 5º and 16º, in Lucena between 4º and 15º, in Pozoblanco between 1º and 15º, and in Priego from Córdoba between 1st and 14th.