Nacho is facing the possibility of lifting his first title as captain of Real Madrid. To do this he must defeat the FC Barcelona in the final of the Super Cup, where, after 22 years at the club, he can appear in the center of the photo. His role has been significantly modified this season due to casualties. She faces the future more calmly, without thinking so much about the renewal like the previous campaign, in which he admitted feeling displaced.

“We have a united locker room and a very strong template. We have had many injuries. But no matter what happens, we are always there,” aspired to the central defender, who has regained his prominence forming a pair with Rüdiger. Asked about the situation of the ‘Negreira case‘, who monopolized the intervention of the referees in the day before the final, threw things out by saying that “it is a complicated issue, which right now is in court. I would like to have confidence in the referee team. They cannot speak any more.”

With two healthy centre-backs, Nacho has taken a forced step forward, like so many other times in his career. Asked if the team needs reinforcements in the rear axis, with Military and Praise out of combat, stated that the Brazilian is “in a good recovery phase” and that it is not his place to judge what will happen in the winter market. Ancelotti, like so many other times, has closed ranks, stating that he trusts the troops he has at his disposal.

Nacho said he feels liberated this season. “He is a happy moment of my life. Last year he was overwhelmed by what was going to happen. I had to play everything at the end of the season. It’s a good year for me. I’m playing a lot and I feel good. I don’t have the slightest worry. If I had to sign now, I would. A signature on a piece of paper is not going to change anything,” he insisted.

For the captain of Real Madrid it will never be another ‘clásico’, because “Barça doesn’t care if they have strong or weak players, they always have to try to win the game. It would be a very strong blow to be able to win the first title of the season. If “You lose, quite the opposite. It is a step to continue with strong morale,” concluded Nacho, visualizing himself with the Spanish Super Cup trophy in Riyadh.