When one is angry It’s usually not the best idea to talk. The lesson must now be remembered by the advisors of the United States’s president, Joe Biden, who this Thursday wanted to personally respond to the report of the special prosecutor who has decided not to file charges against him in the case of the classified documents but has also painted a devastating portrait of the mental state of the 81-year-old president.

That response from Biden was at times emotional and forcefulbut it became a irritated and aggressive clash with journalists. And it was a poor image exercise for the president who got worse when, after denouncing for the first time as Israel’s military response in Gaza “excessive” after the Hamas attacks of October 7, He made a mistake by calling Abdel Fattá Al Sisi “president of Mexico” instead of Egypt.

Biden unexpectedly and quickly added an appearance before journalists at the White House to his agenda. He had a clear desire to highlight the exemption and highlight, as the special prosecutor has also done, the differences between his case and the one that has led Donald Trump to one of his four criminal charges. But I was also furious to answer the portrait about his mental abilities what prosecutor Robert Hur had done, who even wrote in the report that Biden “He couldn’t remember when his son Beau had died.”

“How on earth do you dare to talk about that?” said a Biden as excited as he was angry, who showed the rosary that he has worn on his wrist since his son died of cancer.. “I don’t need anyone to remind me when he died.”has said twice indignantbefore pointing out that “irrelevant comments have no place in the report” and highlighting that its authors “don’t know what they are talking about.”

“I know what the hell I’m doing”

He then opened the floor for questions and the first reminded him that one of the factors why it was decided not to file charges against him is because the prosecutor’s team thought that in a potential trial he would not be convicted by a jury because They would see him as “a nice, well-intentioned old man with a bad memory.”

I’m well-intentioned, I’m an old man and I know what the hell I’m doing.”, Biden has defended. “I am president and I have put this country back on its feet, I don’t need your recommendations.”.

Then they asked him if your memory has worsened and he replied: “My memory is fine. Look what I’ve done since I became president. None of you believed that I would be able to approve the things that I have achieved.”

Two other questions have conveyed the concerns some voters have raised about his age and there Biden has begun to show himself aggressivedenying that those concerns exist and ensuring that They are just “opinions” of the presssomething that clashes with what the polls show and conversations with voters.

“Am the most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States and finish the work I have started,” he also said to defend not having made way for a younger Democratic candidate who could have faced Donald Trump.

Criticism of Israel overshadowed

Biden has repeatedly put the responsibility handling classified documents on your staff and when he was leaving the room they asked him a question about the ongoing negotiations regarding the hostages held by Hamas and the president returned to the microphone. That is when he made the statements in which he called Al Sisi “president of Mexico.”

He slip could not be more inappropriate on a day like this Thursday and comes after other recent ones, including two on Wednesday in which at different fundraising events he recalled a conversation in 2021 with Helmut Kohl who died in 2017, and one on Sunday at a rally in which he recalled a conversation in 2021 with Emmanuel Macron, but instead said he had it with François Mitterrand (who died in 1996). Biden has also once again rejected, for the second consecutive year, the interview that was traditionally given to presidents during the superbowl, one of the most watched television phenomena of the year.

The confusion of Egypt and Mexico in an appearance raised to defend their good status, has also overshadowed his message denouncing Israel’s response to the Hamas attacks and the humanitarian situation in Gaza. “The way the response has been conducted in the Gaza Strip has been excessive,” said Biden, who has assured that he is “really pushing hard to introduce humanitarian aid into Gaza. There are many innocent people who are dying of hunger. There is many innocent people who are in trouble and dying. It has to stop“, has declared.