A group of artists and cultural managers has launched a virtual collection of signatures in the web change.org to ask for the review of the dismissal of Carlos María Aladro as manager of IMAE (Municipal Institute of Performing Arts of Córdoba).

According to these people in a note sent to the media, the “withering” cessation, which will become a reality in the local government board Córdoba City Council This Monday, February 12, it is due to the “reporting malpractice and lack of institutional transparency” made by Aladro. It must be remembered that the IMAE manager assured that his dismissal was due to the “occupational toxicity” and “institutional paralysis” of the cultural area of ​​the Córdoba City Council. In addition, he regretted the “lack of consideration and support” to him in the five months in which he was at the head of the IMAE.

“Urgent need for profound changes”

In the letter of support associated with the virtual collection of signatures, the signatories indicate that “for many years years the scenic and cultural sector of the city of Córdoba has denouncing the urgent need of profound and structural changes in the management and programming model of this institution.” In this sense, they add that the IMAE’s programming is “very far from contemporary stage reality and with little contact with the local artistic fabric.” And they summarize their vision of this matter with this analysis: “Five different managers in five years do not provide any stability to a municipal institution of this magnitude”.

“One step back”

The letter continues crying out against “immobility and lack of political determination“that have been occurring” during decades” and with “different governments“local in the way of managing the IMAE. “The opening of a public tender for the first time for the election of a new manager was received by the professional sector of the performing arts as a great advance towards good institutional practices.” Precisely for this reason, the dismissal of Carlos María Aladro just five months after his appointment means for them “a step backwards and an exercise in political and institutional malpractice“.

They also point out that they are concerned about the possible consequences of this cessation and that there is a tendency to preserve in the future a continuity policy with the management model that until now has been carried out in this entity and that, without intending to belittle the work carried out, they affirm, “it has long been obsolete and does not adjust to the challenges and needs of a modern performing arts center of the 21st century.” They consider that “spaces are necessary that put their vocation for public service at the center, covering the wide range and diversity both of its users and of a professional sector that still fights to be able to make Córdoba its place of residence and expression, instead of having to emigrate due to lack of opportunities, facilities, vision or institutional openness.

The complaint in change.org has received more than 400 votes in two days – review time at 8:49 on Monday, February 12 -. Can be viewed in this web link.

The signatories of the letter and promoters of the virtual collection of signatures are:

  • Pepa Gil Ruiz, actress and director.

  • Helena Martos Ramírez, scenic creator.

  • Elena Carmona Sanjuán, cultural manager and director of the Municipal Theater of Girona.

  • Ángela López Ramos, scenic creator and professor at the Higher School of Dramatic Art of Córdoba.

  • Juan Diego Calzada, scenic creator, performer and musician.

  • Nazario Diaz, scenic creator.

  • Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca, composer, performer and sound artist.

  • Irene Lázaro Real, actress, performance creator and educator.

  • Antonio L. Pedraza, scenic creator.

  • Auxiliadora Jiménez Rubio, scenic creator.

  • Carlos Alarcón, scenic creator, lighting designer and theater chronicler.

  • Luis Víctor Pérez, guitarist, teacher, composer and producer.

  • Fernando Donaire, teacher and writer.