He Góngora Theater of Cordova you will receive from this Tuesday until Friday 47 educational centers and a total of 3,104 schoolchildrenplus 231 teachers, who will participate in the first didactic concerts offered by the Córdoba Orchestra inside of the Family Seat programorganized in collaboration with the Delegation of Education and Childhood and the Municipal Institute of Performing Arts (IMAE).

In this first week, the little ones will be offered a comedy and classical music show titled ‘Allegro’, a concert for Clown and Orchestra conducted by Pablo Urbina that will show classical music through clown language in a fun and enjoyable way. With the help of Lolo Fernández, an eccentric master of ceremonies, the little ones get closer to great figures like Vivaldi or Beethoven.

This concert, which makes up the first cycle, is aimed at the second and third cycle of Primary Education. The second cycle, When the river sounds…it brings music! It is aimed at Early Childhood Education and the first cycle of Primary Education, and Ana Hernández Sanchíz acts as narrator. It will be performed from March 12 to 15.

Finally, the third cycle, Pangea, is content adapted to Secondary, Baccalaureate and training cycles that will evoke the music of prehistoric times through history, anthropology and fantasy, all from the hand of Abraham Cupeiro. This last show can be seen from April 16 to 19. “The best way to bring music to the little ones is live and with the help of the professionals and musicians that this great Orchestra has, adding an entertaining and fun touch, That is why these concerts turn out to be a success and a continuous attraction for our educational centers,” stated the Education Delegate of the Córdoba City Council, Narci Ruiz.

For her part, the Culture delegate, Isabel Albás, has indicated “that it is a satisfaction to see how our theaters, in this case the Góngora Theater, are filled with schoolchildren who thus learn to approach classical music as a very suitable complement to their academic training.” Finally, the president of the Córdoba Orchestra Consortium, Juan Miguel Moreno Calderón, has pointed out the importance of boys and girls “Discover music from an early age and thus learn to admire and understand it.”because that will be a means for many of them to choose to go to the Conservatory and embark on an interesting path in that sense.”