Miguel Valls He is one of the new faces of 'Public mirror'. The journalist made the jump to Antena 3 at the end of August of last year, thus leaving 'It's already noon,' where he had been substitute presenter.

After 10 years at Mediaset, where he participated in 'The AR Program', the previously mentioned 'It's already noon'either 'Four a day'had good words for Ana Rosa Quintana on the podcast Pilar Vidal, 'Dram Queen'.

“She is a smart aunt, who is a businesswoman and who, in the end, is generous when you share a set with her. He leaves you your space and lets you contribute. Furthermore, she always says that she is interested in making the person next to her shine, because that way she shines more,” he noted.

In addition, Valls also wanted to have good words for his new boss, Susanna Griso: “I am very comfortable. From the first day I understood that it was a train that I caught now or I didn't catch it.. She is a generous woman who lets you shine, argue, and talk. Plus, she's very approachable and fun.”

The surprise came when the morning contributor left a headline: “Since I've been on Antena 3, I sleep more peacefully,” He assured, before praising the interviewer, with whom he also shares the set: “Coinciding with you seemed like a visual phenomenon to me. You could go through the program without speaking because with faces you do,” he concluded.