Unable to beat Giorgi Mamardashvili during a good stretch of the game, and with one more man for almost the entire second half for the expulsion of Gabriel Paulista, Getafe won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Borja Mayoral that propelled his team towards the noble zone of the classification.

Again Mayoral, the best Spanish scorer of the course, appeared to hold Getafe, who suffered to end the resistance of a team that entrusted itself to its goalkeeper to survive Gabriel Paulista’s excess of revolutions. Mayoral added his ninth goal of the course and embittered the Ché team, who resisted well after a thick duel until the last half hour.

And much was expected from a match between two teams subscribed to walking through the middle of the classification and with the perspective of taking a leap in quality to approach the noblest area of LaLiga EA Sports. The gatherings prior to the duel focused on the reunion of José Bordalás with Valencia and in the courtesy that the blue-and-white coach asked his audience to respect Hugo Duro in his third match at the Coliseum after signing for Valencia.

But there was not too much talk about football, which was what the match suffered from in many of its phases. Especially in the first 45 minutes, in which the first shot on goal came in added time with an innocent attempt by Borja Mayoral that was stopped without problems by Giorgi Mamardashvili.

Before, there was nothing. A lot of midfield, little depth and little daring. An excess of tactics on both sides that condemned the crowd at the Getafe stadium, bored to the core and only entertained by the celebrations of their anniversaries: he Getafe He was celebrating his 700th game and David Soria was celebrating his 200th.

However, It is true that Getafe had a little more presence. He controlled the ball more. Although without chances, he at least tried to generate football. Bordalás had to regenerate his defense against the absence due to sanction of Damián, Alderete and Diego Rico. He opted for Juan Iglesias Duarte and Jordi Martín, a youth player who made his debut in the First Division.

Bordalás collided with the same team that was on the verge of defeating Girona last day. And he also met some of the young players who debuted under his umbrella during his time in Valencia: Javi Guerra, Mosquera, Jesús Vázquez, Mamardashvili and Hugo Duro himself, all key in the new batch of footballers who support the Ché team with dignity. .

Rubén Baraja’s eleven showed impenetrable order for Getafe, which, without knowing it, would open the first breach in the wall with the yellow cardboard that Gabriel Paulista saw for protesting just before half-time. The Valencia centre-back, distraught by a possible card that Juanmi Latasa did not see, went to the locker room prepared.

That play was key, because in the first stages of the second half, a clear slap from Paulista on the omnipresent Latasa, cost him the second yellow card and the expulsion. And his action could have sentenced Valencia, who, with one man less, cracked for a quarter of an hour and entrusted themselves to Mamardashvili to resist.

The Georgian goalkeeper began his series of saves with a good hand to Duarte in a shot from inside the area; He continued with a clearance on a shot from Milla from outside the area and closed the series by blocking a one-on-one from debutant Jordi Martín.

That first rush by Getafe gave way to a period of tranquility in which Greenwood tried without success on many occasions well covered by Yarek, very successful and a more than reliable substitute for the injured Gayá. The young Spanish under-19 international has the potential to become a great left back. He almost always had the upper hand with the Brit, without a doubt Getafe’s most unstable player.

And so we reached the last quarter of an hour, in which Bordalás brought out all his artillery: Óscar, Jaime Mata, and Aleñá appeared on the green of the Coliseum and Getafe’s last attempt to take the victory began. A siege was expected, but he Valencia He held up well until almost the end.

Then Mayoral appeared. He was the only one capable of surpassing Mamardashvili. He became the hero of a match that ended with more being sent off for talking too much: Javi Guerra and Duarte left. The referee condemned his verbosity. But Getafe didn’t care about that. He is already eighth and dreams of looking towards the most noble area with an ambitious name: Europe.

Data sheet:

1.- Getafe: Soria; Iglesias, Duarte, Djené (Aleñá, min. 70), Gastón; Greenwood, Milla (Óscar, min. 70), Maksimovic, Jordi Martín (Mitrovic, min. 83); Latasa (Jaime Mata, min. 74), Mayoral and Greenwood.

0.- Valencia: Mamardashvili; Thierry (Yaremchuk, min. 91), Paulista, Mosquera, Yarek (Canos, min. 90); Pepelu, Guerra, Foulquier, Fran Pérez (Diakhaby, min. 54); Diego López (Jesús Vázquez, min. 82) and Hugo Duro.

Goal: 1-0, min. 87: Borja Mayoral.

Referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Balearic Committee). He sent off Gabriel Paulista with a double warning (min. 43 and 50) and a direct red card to Javi Guerra (min. 88) by Valencia and cautioned Baraja from the same team (min. 54). They also saw a yellow card from Getafe Milla (min. 56) and Djené (min. 62) and Duarte was sent off with a straight red card (min. 91).

Incidents: match corresponding to the sixteenth day of LaLiga EA Sports played at the Getafe Coliseum in front of 11,115 spectators.