Streaming platforms have a new viral phenomenon that has conquered the youngest. 'The teen drama'Maxton Hall'has become the Prime Video's most-watched original international series and has confirmed its second season on the platform a few days after its premiere.

German fiction, based on the novel 'Save Me' by Mona Kasten and produced by UFA Fiction, has occupied the first place on the charts of Prime Video in more than 120 countries and the top 3 in more than 50 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

The series features an 'enemies-to-lovers' story that follows the nearly impossible romance between James Beaufort (Damian Hardung) and Ruby Bell (Harriet Herbig-Matten), an upper-class boy and a working-class girl. Ruby is a scholarship student at Maxton Hall boarding school who becomes a witness to an explosive secret. This will force James Beaufort, a millionaire heir, to deal with her and silence her. That initial tension will end in love.

The fiction will have a second season with the same protagonists and will be based on the second part of the 'Save You' trilogy. 'After the French'Medellin'and the Spanish'My fault' and 'Red Queen'Maxton Hall – A World Between Us' is the next European hit that will inspire a global audience,” said Jame Farrel, VP International Originals at Amazon MGM Studios, in a note sent to the media.