It only took a week after 'Ni que fueramos' landed on TEN for the first interview of a popular character to take place on the set of the format. The first to debut was the journalist Marta Riescowho after being a partner of Antonio David Flores and having an open war with 'Sálvame', has chosen a program with the same collaborators to speak for the first time.

Riesco, who came nervously to the space, finally entered the production company's studio without any major problems, cordially greeting all the collaborators who were there. Of course, with some puja or another, after the young woman reproached Lydia Lozano for not having greeted her when they met at the party of a well-known newspaper.

After granting an extensive interview, in which he spoke about issues from the past, and in which has admitted to having agreed on two covers with a magazine, but only having been paid for onethe moment arrived to talk about Rocío Carrasco, the great protagonist of the Telecinco documentary, and because of which the whole war between the guest character and the collaborators began.

Marta Riesco has confessed that she saw some of the episodes of 'Rocío. Tell the truth to stay alive 'with Antonio David, and that he cried while Telecinco broadcast them, although emphasizing that he did so when talking about his children. Furthermore, Marta has recognized that now “I believe that Rocío Carrasco's pain is absolutely real. “I believe it because things have happened to me that are very similar.”

The guest continued her story stating that “she was so blinded that she did not believe what was happening. She didn't believe what she said, but now that many of those things have happened to me, I realize that I have been an asshole and very unfair. (…) I apologize for not doing this sooner.“, and the interview is over being invited again for today's program, where she will meet with Belén Estebanwith whom he does not get along well and with whom he almost came to blows when leaving Telecinco.