'Survivors' is a program that is characterized by putting its contestants to the limit, not only physically, but also mentally. And one of the challenges that was experienced last night, during the 'No Man's Land' gala, They were the traditional sacrifices that the contestants make in exchange for a reward. important within your contest.

After some penances like that of Miri, who in exchange for food agreed to be handcuffed and wearing glasses without visionwhile Arkano agreed to shave his head completely to eat two plates of spaghetti to the carbonara, shortly after it was Marieta's turn, to whom they offered a sacrifice that very few thought she would be able to fulfill.

The presenter Laura Madrueño offered the person who was a participant in 'The Island of Temptations' cut 60 centimeters of your hair, out of a total of 85 centimeters. The one from Elche rejected up to two rewards that included food and a call from her nephew, but finally He couldn't resist his mother's visit.who was put on a boat in front of the contestant.

Marieta finally accepted the sacrifice proposed by the program, and got rid of that long hair that characterized her so much, to keep a much shorter and summery look. Therefore, as soon as Laura's last scissor was finished, Marieta jumped off the platform she was on to head to the beach and give her mother an extensive and emotional hug.. This reunion not only moved the mother and daughter, who had not seen each other for 80 days, but also the presenter Pedro García Aguado, who was affected by this family meeting.