María José Suárez has become the main protagonist of the gossip press this week after some details of her separation from Álvaro Muñoz Escassi became known. With only one week of difference, The former Miss Spain will also sit on the set of ‘De viernes’ to respond to the statements of the rider and is now an ex-partner.

The news was revealed at the end of Wednesday’s broadcast of ‘Así es la vida’ with a video that includes both Escassi’s statements and some of the information that has been said about it.

After so many lies, it’s time to tell the truth“, says the model, who will speak on the Telecinco program this coming Friday, July 12, competing directly with the second semi-final of ‘Tu cara me suena 11’.

A few days ago, Escassi broke his silence on ‘De viernes’ with an interview in which he wanted to make it clear that Maria Jose Suarez and he has always maintained a open relationshipso there can be no talk of infidelity.

In addition, the former contestant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ He spoke openly about his sexual tastes: “Was the fact that the girl you had relations with was trans a problem for María José Suárez or did she know about this type of relationship?” he asked her. Antonio Montero.

“Not only my closest people, but Everyone who knows me knows that I have had relationships with trans women.“I have never hidden it. I think they are wonderful women, I have trans friends too, I have nothing to hide. María José of course knows all this,” Escassi confirmed.