The Malevaje group will pass through Cordova with the tour in which They celebrate their forty years on stage. Room Ambigú de la Axerquía will host March 1 the concert of the band, which was born in the shadow of a Madrid venue in the 80s in the middle of the Madrid scene, where Antonio Bartrinacharismatic soul of the group, He sang tanker melodies with strange passion.

In 2020, the group celebrated thirty-five years on stage, in which He has published more than 15 albums. His latest work is the compilation 30 years of Tangos.

The immortality of tango

The group has always defended the immortality of tango, modernizing his compositions in search of his own way of singingr the usual feelings, but without forgetting the absolute respect for the roots of the genre.

Now, the band has launched ua series of concerts to commemorate this anniversary and the recording of an album in which he will bring together some of the tangos and milongas of his vintage and which he has performed throughout these 40 years, along with some classics and others still unpublished, since the group continues composing.