Mediaset reinforces its commitment to knowledge contests. About to be released 'Mental Masters'the group has bought the rights to 'The weakest rival'that will be broadcast in prime time on Telecincoas he has learned in exclusive YOTELE.

On this occasion, Lujan Arguelles will be the presenteras Informalia announced and this portal has verified, taking the baton from the actresses Nuria González and Karmele Aramburuwho were at the forefront of the contest in its first stage.

'The weakest rival' was first broadcast in TVE 22 years agoin May 2002, as part of the afternoon content on La 1. Although at first its audiences were acceptable, as the weeks went by they fell, finally having to be transferred to La 2 during after-dinner hours.

According to the information to which this portal has had exclusive access, now Mediaset will bet on the quiz show in its prime time slot. He has hired a total of six deliverieswhich may be expanded if the results are satisfactory, and may even become a daily strip again, as in the beginning.