Cordova says goodbye to the month of June this weekend and will do it in a big way with the concerts of Luis Miguel and Camilo in the Plaza de Toros, and the return of the summer cinemas to the capital, after a year of closure, with the opening of the Delicias and Fuenseca spaces starting this Friday.

A leisure and cultural agenda, which will also focus on Lucena, with the El Barrio concert at the F’Estival Lucena, and which also features flamenco and guitars. Take note of all events.

Luis Miguel in Córdoba

One of the season’s highlights, Sun of Mexico stops in Córdoba as part of his international tour. Luis Miguel Tour 2024 promises to be an unforgettable tour, where the artist will delight the public with his extraordinary voice, his impeccable presence and a spectacular production. The concert is Friday June 28, at 9:30 p.m., in the Bullring. Tickets are almost sold out.

Camilo concert

He mustache artist is paid to the capital and has included it in the concert tour that will take you to tour Spain with ‘Camilo Tour 2024’meeting his followers again after sweeping his concert at the Plaza de Toros de Los Califas in September 2022. The concert is the Sunday June 30, at 10:00 p.m., in the Bullring. Tickets here.

Camilo in Córdoba

Summer cinemas are back

After a year closed after the death of Martín Cañuelo, Córdoba recovers its summer cinemas this weekend. The businessman Antonio Amil and the heir of Martín Cañuelo, Angel Cañuelothey announced a few days ago that the Delicias and Fuenseca spaces will reopen to the cinema next June 28. While waiting to know this week’s billboard, its managers have announced that there will be commercial films and independent film films, and that the programming will be created in collaboration with Carmen Cabezas, the widow of Martín Cañuelo, who continues to collaborate with the new manager. .

The Neighborhood, at F’Estival Lucena

The Cádiz singer The neighborhood will act Saturday June 29 in the Bullring of Lucena, in a musical show promoted by the City Council within the F’Estival Lucena.

El Barrio, in a performance in Córdoba.

The ‘Timeless’ tour, With several full capacity in different locations, in this year 2024, after the journey of last 2023, it travels through cities such as La Coruña, Zaragoza, Seville, Valencia, Córdoba or Granada.

Flamenco on the terrace

The program continues Flamenco on the terrace, with 36 shows scheduled at the Visitor Reception Center (CRV) between June and September. On Friday the 28th, performance by the dancer María José Obregón; and on Saturday the 29th, Raúl Alcántara ‘El Troya’ singing, with Juan Marín on guitar.

Street Guitars

The parallel cycle to the Guitar Festival continues with five performances scheduled for this week. At the Café Málaga, ‘Amarte y Avenus’, with La Lola and El Juan (Friday the 28th).

Lady Coulson, this Friday, at Ambigú.

On Friday the 28th, Ambigú de la Axerquía receives the Cordoban duo of garage rock Lady Coulson and Dark Libra. And on Saturday the 29th, the flamenco fusion of Yudith García Trio at Kon-Q Club.

Góngora and music

This Friday, June 28, at the Sala Orive, the concert ‘In a brief space of heaven. Góngora and music’. A initiative of the Góngora Chair from the University of Córdoba, the City Council of Córdoba, the Research Group of the Government of Andalusia Góngora y el Gongorismo and the Lindoro record label. At 8:00 p.m., with free entry until capacity is reached.

Spring in the Fernandina Churches

Final clasp of the cycle of Spring in the Fernandina Churches in charge of the Orchestra and Choir of the Cathedral of Córdoba. This Saturday June 29 the appointment is in Mosque-Cathedralat 9:30 p.m. Free entry until complete seats.

Café Cantante in the Potro

He flamenco is the protagonist during the month of June in the Posada del Potrowhich will host a new edition of the cycle Singing Cafe. This Saturday 29th, Marina Heredia ‘La Negra’, dancing; Laura Heredia and Alba Martos, singing; Laura Calderón on the guitar and Eles Bellido on the violin. At 9.30pm, with free admission until full capacity.

Concert halls

Long Rock Room

Appointment with the versions on Friday 28th, with Reconversand on Saturday the 29th with Maikel and the hooks.

Hangar Room

This Saturday the 29th, at 00:00, tribute session to the old room Underground.

Room M100

On Saturday the 29th, starting at 11:00 p.m. ‘Rave End-Season Party’.