The renowned Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi attended tonight, Tuesday, June 11, the program 'El Hormiguero' to present his new musical album: 'El Viaje'. On this occasion, and after becoming a platinum guest, has entered the studios from which the program is carried out riding in a convertible carcelebrating the feat of 20 programs.

After this most epic moment, Fonsi began the interview talking about the work he is going to present, and about 'The Journey' he said that “all the songs are cities, except one, Andalusia, which I dedicate to my wife. Andalusia returned my love”. In addition, he has highlighted all the collaborations it includes, such as those with Omar Montes or Laura Pausini.

Regarding the latter, she has commented that she is a great friend and that working with her “is easy because just by looking at each other we know what we are thinking and, on the other hand, it is difficult because we laugh all the time about everything and the song is very serious. “. On the other hand, she reveals the trick that the Italian played on her, since “at one of her concerts, which I went to only as a fan, He brought me on stage to sing one of his songs without telling me. Thank goodness I knew it and it was fresh, but I had to sing it in its tonality, which is not mine.”

Finally, during the interview, he revealed when he has the worst time in life, and that is when he has to ask people for autographs: “I'm very embarrassed.” She has recalled an anecdote in which she met Stevie Wonder and couldn't resist. The singer has said, between laughs, that “I introduced myself and he knew me perfectly. She sang 'Despacito' to me. “I think the two achievements of my life are having Stevie Wonder sing 'Despacito' to me and being a member of the El Hormiguero Platinum Club.”