Telecinco has already begun to reveal the names of the contestants who will participate in 'Survivor: All Stars'. Jorge Javier Vázquez and Sandra Barneda will be in charge of hosting this special version of the Telecinco reality show.

According to the information to which this portal has had access, the edition of great contestants of 'Survivors' will last five weeks and will begin to be broadcast right after the current one with the team already displaced to Honduras. We review the list of already confirmed contestants of 'Survivors: All Stars'.

Sofia Suescun

The winner of 'GH16' and 'Survivors 2018' was the first official contestant of 'Survivors: All Stars'. Maite Galdeano's daughter will thus return to Telecinco after more than three and a half years without appearing on any of its channels. It should be remembered that Paolo Vasile, former CEO of Mediaset, vetoed her presence on her programs after he refused to work with the influencer agency of the audiovisual group.

Adara Molinero

Another of the reality show queens will also be in this new special edition of the Telecinco reality show. After almost a year since her last adventure in the Cayos Cochinos, Adara Molinero He will also be an official contestant on 'Survivors: All Stars'which will begin in the coming weeks.

Marta Penate

The 'GH 16', 'Temptation Island' and 'La casa Fuerte' participant is also part of the list of 'Survivors: All stars' contestants. The Canarian was runner-up in the 2022 edition, which Alejandro Nieto finally won.

Olga Moreno

Moreno is one of the most controversial names on the list of 'Survivors: All Stars' contestants. According to El Mundo and verified by YOTELE, the winner of 'Survivientes 2021' will return to Honduras in the coming weeks as a contestant on 'Survivientes All Stars'.

Bosco Martínez-Bordiú

The winner of 'Survivientes 2023' and nephew of Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú also returns to the adventure and will be one of the contestants who will return to Cayos Cochinos in Honduras to repeat the experience in this special edition.

Logan Sampedro

Six years after being runner-up in the edition that Sofía Suescun finally won, Logan Sampedro will also jump from the helicopter again and participate in this 'Survivors: All Stars', as confirmed by the reality show itself this Sunday in its last gala of 'Conexión Honduras '.