‘Astronauta’ by Lérica and ‘Caliente’ by Jorge González They were the songs most valued by the committee that selected the songs for Benidorm Fest 2024. This was revealed by TVE after a request to the transparency portal made by the Público portal.

The Andalusian duo was the best classified in this first screening with more than 186 points, 25 more than the Madrid singer, who obtained second position (161). Miss Caffeína with ‘Bla bla bla’ (141) and Dellacruz with ‘A kiss in the morning’ (136) took third and fourth place, while Nebulossa, the winners of the third edition of the TVE contest, achieved fifth position with the 120 points that ‘Zorra’ obtained.

María Peláe with ‘Remitente’ (106), Sofía Coll with ‘Here to stay’ (97), Mantra with ‘Me vas a ver’ (97), Noan with ‘Te echo de -‘ (88) and Roger Padrós with ‘ The tempos’ (88) completed the top 10 of this filter in the Benidorm Fest 2024 mechanics.

Angy Fernández (82), Marlena (79), Almácor (75), st. Pedro (74), Yoli Saa (67) and Quique Niza (67) completed the last places in the classification of the internal committee that chose the participants of the Benidorm Fest.

Ángela Carrasco, the reserve of the Benidorm Fest 2024 who ended up as its jury

The request made to the transparency portal has also shown the list of substitute participants of the Benidorm Fest 2024, among which the name of Angela Carrasco. The one who was a professional jury at the galas of the TVE musical contest presented the song ‘He and I‘, achieving fourth reserve place with 59 points.

Verónica Torres led the list of substitutes with ‘Fugaz’, a song that achieved 65 points among the internal committee of TVE. Ondina with ‘You’re looking at me’ (62), Reyko with ‘Run with you’ (60), La Beba with ‘No me fucking importa’ (57) and Veintiuno with ‘Telenovela’ (57) completed the 6 reserve places.