A woman sobs. She cries and begs a man to let go of the gun she is holding in one hand. She begs him several times. The man pays no attention to him. She demands that he tell her the truth about what happened with a third person. “Tell me the truth,” she orders him. “I tell you the truth, put down the gun, please“. This scene appears in a video, which lasts just one minute, presented as the main evidence in the complaint filed on December 6 against the provincial commissioner of the National Police in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Luis Felipe San Martín Fernández-Marcote. His ex-partner accuses him of bad treatments. The events occurred in December 2021 in one of the rooms of Luis Felipe San Martín’s home in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The incident between the two is recorded, without the head of the Tenerife National Police realizing it, in a bedroom, with decoration and flooring typical of a house built at the end of the last century. On the floor of the room there is an open travel suitcase. According to the complainant, The events occurred in the house that the provincial commissioner uses due to his position on one of the floors of the Police Station located between Robayna and Jesús y María de Santa Cruz de Tenerife streets.

In the audiovisual file incorporated into the case being investigated by the number one court of Violence against Women of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and to which EL DÍA, from Grupo Prensa Ibérica, has had access, the man’s face is not seen. Just his body. The woman, who is recording the jealousy scene, cannot be seen. She can only be heard between sobs. Her voice has been distorted to protect the alleged victim of abuse. The man wears his pants to his knees and wears green boxer briefs with figures of ice cream and fruits.

In the scene Luis Felipe San Martín carries a short weapon in his left hand. Is about an HK USP-C pistol, nine millimeter caliber; that is to say, the same make and model used by the provincial commissioner of the National Police, according to what a witness, Chief Inspector Francisco Moar, head of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade, told the judge. And that the judge confirms. Moar, Luis Felipe San Martín’s partner, was the one who filed the complaint on behalf of the victim. After doing so, the General Directorate of the National Police suspended the provincial commissioner from employment and salary, while taking away his weapon and his badge.

While recording the scene with the mobile phone she carries in her right hand, the woman grabs the police officer’s right wrist with her left hand. Luis Felipe San Martín allegedly carries the short weapon in his left hand, cocked and ready to fire whenever. According to the judge, it is very evident that this is an episode of jealousy, in which the head of the Tenerife National Police allegedly asks his ex-partner for explanations. a Lithuanian woman residing in the Canary Islands for five yearsabout a relationship, it is understood that sentimental or sexual, with another person.

The woman tells her then-partner: “Stop, stop, stop, put down the gun, please.” In parallel, she grabs his right wrist, with the supposed intention of getting him to trust her and calm down about her. She insists that he abandon her intimidating attitude and even calls him by a name: “Please leave the gun, Luis, leave it“. However, the head of the National Police allegedly asks her: “Are you telling me the truth?” She replies: “I’m telling you the truth,” but he insists, over and over again: “Tell me the truth.”

The woman explains that she is telling the truth and begs the man to put down the gun. At a certain point, the man identified in the video as Luis questions the other protagonist of the scene: “What happened to…?” At first, the woman’s version is that nothing has happened, between sobs. However, he repeats it again: “Tell me.”

In another of the moments captured by the woman, she is heard asking Luis Felipe San Martín: “No, don’t jump, leave the gunplease“In addition, he suggests that he put the handgun on the floor of the room.

He does not give up his intentions: “Tell me what happened to…, the truth.” She tries to calm him down and tells him that she will tell him, but in exchange for him putting down the gun and sitting down to talk calmly. After these words, the policeman throws the gun on the bed and sits on it.

But, shortly after, He gets up, pulls up his pants and both people leave the bedroom and walk down a hallway that has a somewhat more modern floor. End of recording.