Laura Lynch, member founder of the popular American country music group Dixie Chicksdied in a traffic accident in Texas, the group confirmed this Saturday.

“We are shocked and saddened upon learning of the death of Laura Lynch, founding member of The Chicks,” said the three members of the group in a post on their official Instagram account.

According to the specialized media TMZ, Lynch, 64, He died on Friday night as a result of a traffic accident. It occurred while she was driving on a highway outside of El Paso (Texas), and after another vehicle going in the opposite direction hit her from the front.

The interpreter She was pronounced dead at the scene.while the other driver, who has not been identified, was admitted to a local hospital without serious injuries, TMZ adds.

Lynch, who was the double bassist of the female group, founded Dixie Chicks in Dallas (Texas) in 1989 alongside Robin Lynn Macy and sisters Martie and Emily Erwin.

Recorded with them three albums until separating from the group in 1993but not before becoming the lead vocalist on the third studio album, ‘Shouldn’t a Told You That’, after Macy’s departure.

Lynch, who cited fatigue from touring and a desire to focus on his family, He was no longer part of the band. when Dixie Chicks published ‘Wide Open Spaces’ (1998) which brought them international recognition.

It was replaced by Natalie Maines, who took on lead vocals of the group and, in the process, gave a modern touch to their sound.

“Laura was a bright light. His infectious energy and humor gave a spark to the early days of our band. “Laura had a flair for design, a love for all things Texas and was instrumental in the band’s initial success,” the current three members of the group said today.

Recognized for his political commitment, The group decided in 2020 to change its name to The Chicksdue to the racial connotations that the term ‘dixie’ implied in the southern states.