Preview of chapter 284 for Monday, February 5

The second visit by Abel’s father to La Promesa drives the doctor crazy, who gives him money and demands that he not appear again. This arouses Manuel’s suspicions. What is happening between his friend and his father? Salvador wants to tell María Fernández the truth (that the marchioness opposes her reinstatement), but they convince him to wait a bit because Catalina still has hopes of changing her stepmother’s mind.

Catalina finally fixes things with Pelayo and they give their love a second chance. And the Count of Añil faces a new problem: Lorenzo wants Jerónimo fired for the theft of his watch. Feliciano little by little assumes responsibilities and shares her joy with Teresa and Petra. Finally things turn out for the boy. Curro is excited about the hunt and prepares with the help of his cousin Manuel… Oblivious to the plans that Cruz and Lorenzo have for him.

Preview of chapter 285 for Tuesday, February 6

The Promise receives the guests of the hunt. The hustle and bustle between the service is constant, and the gentlemen prepare for a fruitful day of hunting. But a terrible piece of news from the newspaper is about to cloud the joy of the moment. Salvador and Jana find themselves surrounded by María Fernández and end up confessing to her that the marchioness opposes him returning to her position as her maid. Jana feels bad for her friend and allows herself to be consoled by the always helpful Abel.

The hunt begins without the presence of Lorenzo, who is prevented from attending due to sciatica. Curro, the one honored, does not have much fortune or aim and is the object of the Marquis of Aguinaga’s ridicule. Alonso decides to intervene and recommends Curro move to a position that will allow him to collect many pieces… Without knowing that he is actually sending him into a death trap, because by isolating him he makes things much easier for the hitman that Lorenzo has hired to end the boy’s life.

Preview of chapter 286 for Wednesday, February 7

Unfortunately, the long-awaited hunt in Curro’s honor ends in tragedy. Candela finally returns to the palace dispelling Simona’s suspicions that she had run away with Don Carlos, the teacher. Vera does not want to attend to Margarita’s friend and even suggests to Pía that perhaps it is not a good time to receive her. And it seems that her plan is going to work.

María Fernández assumes that she will never work at La Promesa again and tells Salvador that she is going to look for work far from Luján. Cruz confronts Lorenzo, since the plan has not gone as expected. Still, the captain is convinced that it is a matter of time. The Luján family will have to make a decision that will put one of its members between life and death.

Preview of chapter 287 for Thursday, February 8

Curro’s situation is critical and the family must choose whether to transfer him to Puebla de Tera or stay in La Promesa for his operation. Cruz and Lorenzo join forces and choose for him to stay in the palace, convinced that he will die at the hands of Abel… Feliciano’s health seems to improve after the operation. Now that Dr. Sandoval has left the palace, Abel is the doctor responsible for Mr. Curro’s life. To save himself, he urgently needs a blood transfusion. Will they find a donor?

María Fernández de Luján’s departure is imminent and Catalina, in desperation, asks Pelayo to intervene and convince Cruz to readmit her. After analyzing the events that occurred during the hunt, Rómulo and Pía begin to realize that there is something suspicious about the supposed “hunting accident.”

Preview of chapter 288 for Friday, February 9

Curro’s condition is very serious, he needs an operation urgently. Petra and Teresa suffer when they see the waste of means to cure the young man, while for poor Feliciano it is not like that. Cruz ends Rómulo’s investigation into the accident while he crosses his fingers that Curro dies. It is too dangerous for the truth to come out.

Pelayo tells Catalina that Cruz readmits María Fernández and the service receives her with great joy, although María Fernández realizes that some things have changed during her absence. Feliciano assures that she feels better, but suffers a sudden fall. Something serious happens. Vera tries to avoid Doña Margarita’s guest, but in the end she has no choice but to attend to her. Vera is terrified when the lady recognizes her.